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Planning a Trip to Paris?

Are you planning a trip to Paris? With this podcast you will learn all the tips you need to make wise choices about your trip to Paris and gain the confidence you need to navigate your way around Paris like a pro.

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We’ve talked about Paris so much on this podcast that we decided to group all of our Paris episodes into logical groups so it’s easier for you to find the information you need.

First Time in Paris

First Time in Paris: Visiting Paris for the first time? You need to read this page! We explain the best way to “do” Paris for first-time visitors and stay away from common mistakes. You’ll find a primer on transportation in Paris, recommendations on what area to stay in, the best sites for newbies in Paris and all that good stuff!

Paris Walks

Latin Quarter Walking Tour, Episode 7 Your very own self-guided walking tour of the Latin Quarter in Paris so you don’t miss any of the best streets.

Le Marais Neighborhood in Paris, Episode 27 Le Marais has become extremely popular in the last decade. Elyse explains why and why you need to visit it following her map!

The Lure of Montmartre, Episode 134 A walk around Montmartre, delightful or a complete tourist trap? Annie and Elyse don’t quite agree on this one, but there are ways to do Montmartre that are much better than others!

How Should You Plan your Trip to Paris?

Podcasts are one of the best way to learn anything. But we think that learning about Paris from this podcast is particularly powerful because we have produced episodes about so many wonderful places in Paris!

You’ll get to learn about the famous attractions everyone has heard of, but also hidden Paris gems that will surprise and delight you.

We think you need more than a superficial description from a guide book. That’s why we talk about Paris in depth so you can plan your trip to Paris fearlessly with the help of a couple of locals: Annie and Elyse.

And while we’re at it, please be aware of Paris attractions that you can totally skip! What to Skip in Paris, Episode 41

Paris Museums

Things to Do Near Notre Dame

Off the Beaten Track Attractions in Paris

Paris in 2 Days

Paris Trip Reports

If you like to hear from other travellers, you will love our trip reports. Regular people come on the show to discuss how their trip went and share tips about things they wish they knew before they went!

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