Paris Metro or Paris Bus? Episode 142


When in Paris, should you take the metro or should you take the bus? Is one better than the other? Which one is right for you?

Paris Metro, Paris Bus, Walking?

This episode spells out all the differences between the Paris Metro and the Paris Bus, down to the small details that will matter a lot when you're in Paris so you don't get lost or flustered and decide to take expensive taxis instead.

This is all based on my recent personal experience getting around Paris without using my personal car (which was parked at the hotel garage) or any of those "convenient" modes of transportation that we all rely on every day. I wanted to do as much as possible without touching the car, and this episode you will see that I wasn't any worse for wear as a result.

The Paris Metro and Bus Systems Are Great

When it comes to public transportation, Paris is cheaper than other capitals with similar transportation systems. A single ticket in Paris is 68% cheaper the same ticket in London, 79% cheaper than Berlin, and 36% cheaper than New York.

So you need to consider learning about it, especially if you're on a budget. People who visit Paris on a budget still get to do everything everybody else gets to do in Paris, but they show up with a metro ticket in their pocket instead of car keys. That's cool.

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Discussed in this Episode

  • City Buses in Paris
  • Paris Metro
  • Paris Transportation

Let's Review

There aren't too many gotchas to public transportation in Paris, but if you listen to this episode you'll be able to handle them all without any trouble. And remember that an ounce of preparation makes for better vacations! And whatever you do, do NOT drive in Paris as discussed in the episode.

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When in Paris, should you take the metro or should you take the bus? Is one better than the other? Which one is easiest for visitors who don't know the city? Residents of Paris love their metro system. Most of them will tell you that the metro is 100 times better. But we think that the right answer is more nuanced than that. Visitors are not trying to get to work as fast as possible, are they? Because visitors have different needs they can to make different choices.

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