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Most places in Paris are wonderful for a walk, but, as you can probably guess, even in Paris, some are better than others. If you were to spend a long time in Paris, you would surely discover several Paris walks of your own. You could also go after every recommendation you’ve read on various forums. But most of us don’t have that kind of vacation time and we need to go straight to the best spots, so here are my Paris walks recommendations.

In this article, I will tell you about the best places to explore on foot in Paris. As we add new episodes and talk to more visitors, the list will grow. But this is where I think you should start.

One of the comments we get the most from our listeners is that they appreciate our honesty and straightforwardness. Yes, at Join Us in France, we believe in keeping it real. We live in France, we can see both the good and the bad, and we are happy to share both. So, scroll down to the where we talk about where NOT to walk in Paris as well.

Classic Paris Walks


Everybody’s heard of Montmartre, right? It’s a great place for a walk, especially if you go off the beaten track and try streets with few people on them. To prepare for your visit to Montmartre, I recommend you listen to this episode: The Lure of Montmartre, Episode 134  which will give you all the background information you need to enjoy the it fully.

If you have some time, get off the beaten track in Montmartre and look for two places:

  • Look for Place Dalida. Who’s Dalida? A beloved French singer who died in the 80s. Along the way, you’ll get to see Montmartre streets that are not as busy.
  • Also look for Place Marcel-Aymé where you will see the statue of the man who walked through walls.

Le Marais

We talked about the Marais at length in this episode Le Marais Neighborhood in Paris, Episode 27. After you listen, you will know about the Place des Vosges, the Hôtel de Sully, the Village Saint-Paul and all the other must-not-miss spots in the Marais. And how about grabbing a falafel on rue des Rosiers? You will love it! Shopping enthusiasts will love the small boutiques in the Marais, and try BHV Paris Marais also, it’s a nice department store!

The Luxembourg Garden

Learn about the many delights of the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris! So much to do and see there that it deserved its own episode. Highly recommended, especially if you can go on a Wed afternoon, Saturday or Sunday because that’s when French children are off school and you can see all the attractions in full use. The Luxembourg Gardens in Paris, Episode 184

Walk to Organize Your Picnic in Paris!

Unusual Paris Walks

How to Love Your Visit to Pere Lachaise, Episode 68

Where NOT to Walk in Paris

It all depends on your perspective. If you live in a gated community in America (or elsewhere) it may not take much to raise your hackles.

Places in Paris where I would not walk: Around the Saint-Denis Basilica, 18ième, no-go zones are exaggerated, but if you’re used to living in a gated community, lots of places will seem  “unsafe” to you.

Link to how to stay safe in a terror attack.

Want to see “Grungy Paris”? Walk between Place de la République and the Metro station Belleville. It’s a mile full of variety, including “ethnic” stores, people of all colors and sizes, and it is generally safe if you are careful like you should be anywhere.


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