The Smart Way to Visit Provence, Episode 232

beautiful flowers at an open-air market in provence: smart way to visit provence episodeThinking of visiting Provence? Tracey has great recommendations for you!

Exploring Coastal Towns in Provence, Episode 207

the view from the top of the Calanques near CassisCassis, Calanques, and Beaches in Provence: must-sees, tips from locals, everything you need to make a trip to Marseille and that part of Provence great!

The Best of the Vaucluse in Provence, Episode 204

Mary-Lou in Provence and the Abbaye de SénanqueHave you ever heard of the Vaucluse? It is a gorgeous mountainous part of Provence that overlaps with what we also call the Lubéron. So much to see there!

Best Destinations in Corsica, Episode 173

rocky cave with view on the blue mediterranean in corsicaCorsica is not on the radar for most Americans, yet it is one of the most stunningly beautiful places you will ever see on earth. On today's episode we list all the best destinations in Corsica so you can experience them too.

A Slice of Life in the Lubéron, Episode 150

Slice of life in the LubéronDo you dream about following into the footsteps of popular novelists and celebrities and spend a slice of life in the Lubéron? It can be done with some recommendations from Healther Long, my guest on today's episode.

Honeymoon Ideas: the French Riviera, Episode 145

Gary & Wife in Èze, Honeymoon Ideas: the French RivieraLive it up like the stars and enjoy a honeymoon on the French Riviera. Not only is it possible, but you'll have such a great time!

Marseille and Provence with a French Expat, Episode 118

Isabelle and her daugther: Marseille and Provence with a French Expat

The Cannes Film Festival, Episode 110

The city and port of Cannes: Cannes Film Festival episodeDid you know that the Cannes Film Festival had humble and even scary beginnings? In today's episode we look back at how history gave this festival it's unique French flavor and discuss early winners because we love movies!

Trip Report Provence and Chamonix, Episode 83

Matt, his wife and daughters in front of snowy mountains in the Alps. Provence and Chamonix episode.Thinking about visiting the Alps and Provence with your family? Matt has some great tips for you and reports on what he and the kids enjoyed best.

Arles in Provence, Episode 66

The Roman Arena in ArlesHow did a minor city an hour away from the Mediterranean become such a vital Roman ship-building town in Antiquity? This and more on today's episode.