Nantes, Between Loire and Brittany, Episode 383

Le Chateau des Ducs de Bretagne: Nantes episodeNantes is a beautiful city at the intersection of the Loire Valley and Brittany. Listen to this episode to hear about the best of Nantes for visitors.

5 Things You Must Do in the Marais Poitevin, Episode 321

Boats tied to she side of a canal: Marais Poitevin EpisodeHave you heard of the Marais Poitevin or Venise Verte? It's tucked away in the West of France near the Atlantic ocean and Annie and Elyse love it!

Starting a New Life in the Mayenne, Episode 320

The Mayenne River in Laval: New life in the Mayenne episodeThe Mayenne department in France is tucked between Paris and Normandy, off the beaten track and yet full of charm. In this episode Sarah Smith shares her experience moving to France and some of her favorite things to do around her new home.

A Slice of Life in the Hilltop Village of Sancerre, Episode 304

The hilltop village of Sancerre and the vineyards that surround it

5 Favorite Chateaux in the Loire Valley, Episode 299

Amboise Chateau and canal: 5 Favorite Chateaux in the Loire Valley episodeWhat are the 5 chateaux your should see in the Loire Valley if you don't have time for more? My guest explains his difficult choice because there are so many!

An Action-Packed Holiday in France with Kids, Episode 259

Joanne's husband and children walking towards a Loire Valley chateauComing to visit France with your kids? Joanna offers a lot of inspiration and great tips for Paris, the Loire Valley and Beaune!

The Lovely City of Tours in the Loire Valley, Episode 255

Grand theater in Tours: tours in the loire valley episodeSome of the best things to visit in Tours and hotels you should consider for your Loire Valley stay.

A Scenic Drive along the Loire River, Episode 252

The Chateau and city of Saumur seen from across the Loire RiverAre you on your way to visit the Loire Valley? Here's a scenic drive you'll want to take that will take you to Eleanor of Aquitaine's resting place!

Tips for Visiting Chenonceau and Cheverny, Episode 171

Chenonceau chateau with the river that runs underneath: Chenonceau and Cheverny EpisodeIf you're trying to choose what Loire Valley Chateau you should visit, this episode should help you make some good decisions!

Loire Valley Castles You Shouldn't Skip, Episode 168

Chaumont Chateau: Loire Valley Castles You Shouldn’t SkipEpisodeIn this episode of the podcast, we answer one big question: What are some of the Loire Valley castles you shouldn't skip? Listen up, we've got the answer and we tell you why too!