Flâneur and Photographer, Episode 478

Annie Sargent and Gregg Rutter: Flâneur and Photographer Episode

Explore Paris through the eyes of a Flâneur Photographer. Join Annie Sargent and Gregg Rutter to discover favorite places and great meals!

First Frame: The Revolutionary Lumière Brothers, Episode 447

Photography of the Lumière Brothers

Join Elyse Rivin and Annie Sargent as they delve into the lives of the Lumière Brothers, the pioneers who revolutionized cinema.

Paris Street Photography, Episode 229

person with interesting shoes and man in the background: paris street photography episode

Love photography? Valérie Jardin shares some great tips on how to get started in street photography and a few things you should not do. We talk about her native Normandy too!

How to Capture the Best Vacation Photos, Episode 220

Boy and girl playing with dead leaves in the Tuileries garden: vacation photos episode

26 tips to take great vacation photos

4 Days in Paris, Episode 218

deserted Paris street at night: 4 days in Paris Episode

What's the best way to spend 4 days in Paris? What about photographers? What gear should they take?