French Lifestyle and Customs

Learn About French Lifestyle and Customs

Ah, life in France, so many people dream about it! Annie and Elyse have the good fortune to live in France full-time, so for us it’s not just a fantasy. We love living in France, but if you listen to these episodes you’ll find out that we’re both in love with France and realistic about France.

So if you’re looking for an insider’s point of view on France that’s neither gushing or sarcastic, welcome to Join Us in France, we’re glad you found us!

Because we can’t stop talking  about France, we’ve produced several episode that will inform you on French lifestyle and customs. We often get deep into the weeds because the details matter a lot and that’s what will help you understand France on a deeper level.

Most Important Tip on French Lifestyle and Customs: You Need to Learn to Say Bonjour

First things first: what’s the most important word in the French language? Bonjour! We explain why and how you can turn that nugget of knowledge to your advantage.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About France, Even If You Have Visited Before

Yes, French people have their own habits and customs and they ferociously want to preserve their way of life. We explain many of them in this episode.

Table Manners in France: How You Can Easily Blend In

Let’s face it, nobody wants to be stared at when dining out. So this is the episode where we help you understand the differences between table manners in North America and Australia and France. Once you understand these differences, you’ll be able to navigate even the most formal of occasions in France!

50 Must-Know French Phrases for Hungry Visitors

Using a little French goes a long way in France! This is the episode where you get to hear some funny French expressions, listen and repeat with a French native speaker, yours truly, Annie.

Things You Should Never Do at a Restaurant in France

Have the cultural awareness you need to turn “rude” waiters in Paris into friendly ones!

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