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Are you getting ready for a trip to Paris? Provence? Normandy? Interested in avoiding tourist traps in France? Oh, yes, we have plenty of tourist traps in France and I want you to stay away from them! Kindly proceed to France Destinations.

Wondering what to do in France? Tired of not understanding what you are looking at in French museums? Want to learn more about French food and wine? History buff? You’ll find what you want under Interests.

What Part of France Do You Want to Learn About?

Click on the area of France you’re planning to visit to listen to the episodes we’ve published about it and read the show notes.

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A Passion Project

This site and podcast are a passion project. I lived away from France for almost 20 years and when I came back I HAD TO re-discover my own country. Then I went nuts and decided share my discoveries through a podcast. Listeners responded enthusiastically and have formed a strong Join Us in France community. More about the show.

Plan Your France Vacation with Confidence

All of us have limited time to plan a France vacation, but if you subscribe to the show you will learn what you need to know without even trying, while going about your everyday life and listening to the podcast.

Get Ready to Tour France

By listening to the podcast you will also learn many things about French culture and lifestyle that you will surprise you. The devil is often in the details, and only a native can tell you about the details! For example, the one word you must master that will change everything is the lowly “bonjour”. We explain why in this episode: Are French People Rude? Episode 9

Visit France Vicariously Each Week with this Podcast

The other group of people who also love this podcast are francophiles who can’t come to France as often as they’d like to, but enjoy having a weekly fix of France in their ears. Sometimes I deplore that the show is too conversational and informal, but this is one of the things long-time listeners enjoy the most. A conversation between people who enjoy talking about France without any agenda.

Under Resource you will also find information about moving to France, about the health care system in France, and the hotels we love and recommend.

Most Recent Podcast Episodes

I only show you the last 4 episodes here, but you can see the list of all episodes by month under the Podcast tab. Don’t forget to make good use of the search function too, we’ve made it more powerful than ever before!

Alt Text: Eric and his wife at the Luxembourg Garden with Autumn Colors

12 Tips for Visiting Paris You’ll Actually Use, Episode 222

What are the few things you need to know to have a great time in Paris? My guest on today's ...
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Painting by Henri Matisse, Luxe Calme et Volupté: Modern and Contemporary Art in France episode

Where to Experience the Best Modern and Contemporary Art in France, Episode 221

Wondering what Modern and Contemporary Art you should see in France? You've probably heard of The Pompidou center in Paris, ...
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Boy and girl playing with dead leaves in the Tuileries garden: vacation photos episode

How to Capture the Best Vacation Photos, Episode 220

26 tips to take great vacation photos ...
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Jessica's son looking up at umbrellas lining a street in France and taking a picture. Great Activities in France for Families with Children episode.

Great Destinations in France for Families, Episode 219

Do you need recommendations on what to do with your children in France? Fast-track your trip planning with the help ...
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With the Join Us in France Travel Podcast you can learn about every part of France and get ready for the vacation of a lifetime! As you listen to episodes about the parts of France you're interested in, you'll pickup small tips that will make a world of difference. Learn from Annie, who is French born and raised, and Elyse who is a licensed tour guide. Together they help you crack the code of a great vacation in France.