Smart Travel in 2022, Episode 382

View of the Paris Opera: smart travel in 2022 episode

Smart travel in 2022: the pandemic has changed things. In this episode we discuss how to make our trips better going forward.

Travel to France in Covid Times, Episode 350

Paris metro with masks on: Travel to France in Covid Times

Travel to France in Covid Times: What is it like? What do you need to plan on? Will you get in trouble for not wearing a mask? Let's talk about it!

Having a Baby in France, Episode 276

Having a baby in France: Shauna, her husband and baby

Are you thinking about having your baby in France? In this episode of the podcast we have a conversation with a new mom who explains how her experience went!

How to Protect Yourself from Pickpockets in Paris, Episode 154

man with wallet sticking out of his back pocket

Looking for specific advice on how not to get pick-pocketed while in Paris? This episode is there to help!

Seeing Doctors in France, Episode 133

SAMU Helicopter; Doctors in France episode

What happens if you need to see a doctor in France? How does it work? It is all explained here!

Getting Caught in a Terror Attack in France, Episode 116s

View of Nice, France and picture of Steve and his daughter during the fireworks in Nice on the day of the attack

What is it like getting caught in a terror attack in France? Steve shares his experience and relates how the people of Nice came forward to help at this time of great confusion and need.

Making Sense of Terror Attacks in France, Episode 92

Je Suis Paris red poster with eiffel tower: terror attacks in france episode

In today's episode Patrick Beja and Annie try to make sense of terror attacks in France and put them in historical perspective.