Having a Baby in France, Episode 276

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On today's episode of the podcast I talk with Shauna Dinsart about her recent experience of having a baby in France. Shauna shares how most things went better than her expectations, but she thinks France needs more awareness of post-partum depression.

After the interview you'll also hear my update on how things are proceeding in France with the Covid-19 pandemic. You love to travel or you wouldn't be here. You know I love to tell people how great France is. But for me it boils down to this: would you rather be stuck at home or in a hospital bed? These are our only choices right now. But this will pass!


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Discussed in this Episode

  • [04:01] Why did Shauna have her baby in France?
  • [06:46] Will you get good care if you have a baby in France?
  • [07:24] In France they give frequent ultrasounds
  • [08:34] Having a baby in France is not expensive even if you don't have insurance
  • [10:26] Some French doctors charge more
  • [13:52] American expats who live in France dread getting sick while visiting the US
  • [16:04] Having a baby in France was a positive experience
  • [17:53] French doctors take a lot of precautions
  • [20:14] There is too little awareness of post-partum depression in France right now
  • [26:17] Follow-up at home after having a baby in France
  • [28:11] French people will tell you if they think your baby is not covered up enough
  • [31:38] French people don't let pregnant women stand in line
  • [33:26] Getting child-care in France
  • [36:22] Generally speaking French people are frugal
  • [40:27] Will having a big house make you happy?
  • [41:56] Is the choice of café or restaurant that important?
  • [48:22] Being born in France does not make you French
  • [49:47] Have a vacation in France and save money on hospital costs
  • [52:54] What is it like living in France under Covid-19?
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Categories: France How To, Health & Safety