Different Ways to Listen to Podcasts

Different Ways to Listen to Podcasts

Podcasts are audio on demand and there are many ways to listen to them. There is no wrong way to listen to podcasts, you just need to find the one that suits you!

On Your Computer

Since you are visiting this website, let me start by saying that you can listen right here from this website. Click on the Podcast tab above then choose any episode. From there you’ll see a red play button, voilà, you’re listening to the podcast! Make sure your sound is turned up!

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With a Smart Phone or Tablet

Most people find it more convenient to listen to podcasts from their smart phones or tablets so they can listen anywhere they go.

  • Apple devices already come with a Podcast App by default (purple icon). Launch the App, search for Join Us in France and subscribe. Then you can download the episodes to listen to them off-line.
  • Android phones can also play podcasts. Open the Chrome browser on your phone, search for Join Us in France and from the resulting search you’ll be able to listen and subscribe.
  • To get more information on a given podcast episode, you’ll need to read the “Show Notes”. This is where you’ll see French names written out and see the links we recommend. To find the show notes for any given episode go to joinusinfrance.com/[episode number numeral], or do a search for the topic of the episode. From a podcast App on a phone, tapping or swiping will generally display the show notes.
  • If you’re a Spotify user, search for Join Us in France, our last 100 episodes are  there.
  • If you’re a Pandora subscriber, you will also find Join Us in France on Pandora. Search for the name the way you do for any song.

With a Smart Speaker

Amazon Alexa and compatible smart speakers can play the podcast for you. Just say “Alexa, enable Join Us in France” then say “Alexa, play Join Us in France” and done!


So, there you have it, podcasts are getting more popular and better in quality every day. Try one or two! And tell a fellow Francophile about this show, they will benefit from it too!

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