A Visit to the Chateau de Chantilly, Episode 352

The entrance plaza of the Chateau de ChantillyAnnie and Elyse talk about their visit the Chateau de Chantilly and share their tips for the best way to visit it. It's a great day-trip from Paris and you'll enjoy the countryside as well as one of the best art collections anywhere!

Best Parks In and Around Paris, Episode 290

The colonade at Parc Monceau: best parks in and around Paris episodeThere are so many wonderful public parks in an around Paris, my guest on today's episode helps to choose the best one for you!

Tips for a Visit to Lille, Episode 233

Flemish style facades in Lille: vist to lille episodeThinking about visiting Lille in France? Here are all the things you can look forward to!

Exploring the City of Nancy, Episode 225

place stanislas in the city of nancy at nightWant to learn about the city of Nancy, France? It's a great center of Art Nouveau in France, great gastronomy and you can visit it as a day-trip from Paris!

Château de Vincennes Paris, Episode 203

château de vincennes with its prominent dungeonDid you know that there is a Medieval Castle just at the edge of Paris? Complete with dungeon, draw-bridge, moat! Meet the surprising Château of Vincennes!

Is It Possible To Visit The Mont Saint Michel As A Day Trip From Paris? Episode 186

mont saint michel with imagined train tracks going all the way to the montYou really want to see the Mont-Saint-Michel next time you visit Paris? And you want to do this in one day? Yes it's possible and we explain how in this episode.

A Day Trip to Giverny from Paris, Episode 167

Is it easy to get to Giverny from Paris? Yes! Elyse and Annie explain how. On this episode we also explain what do you need to know before you go so you enjoy it to the fullest.

Insider Tips for Visiting Disneyland Paris, Episode 157

Entrance sign at Disneyland ParisDisneyland Paris has a lot of magic, and you can learn how to make it even better with the tips shared by my expert guest on today's episode.

6 Day Trips from Paris, Episode 106

six day trips from Paris: Mont Saint MaloReady to venture out of Paris for a day-trip? There are so many possibilities! My guest on today's podcast has done many such day-trips from Paris and explains how you can do it too!

Chartres Cathedral, Episode 26

Looking up the cieling of the Chartres CathedralIf you love Gothic architecture and stained-glass windows, you need to listen to this episode because sooner or later you'll want to venture out to Chartres. And it is close enough to Paris that you can visit it on a Day-Trip from Paris!