Insider Tips for Visiting Disneyland Paris, Episode 157

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Disneyland Paris is a place where the magic happens every day. But if you're  planning your first trip to Disneyland Paris, you'll want to listen to these insider tips for visiting Disneyland Paris with Debbie.  It's not just a primer, but it goes in-depth as we always like to do on the show.

Insider Tips for Visiting Disneyland Paris: It's Easier Than You Think!

Debbie and her family live "close to the magic", an hour away from the Walt Disney World in Florida.  They have a long history with Disney, she and her husband went on a Disney honeymoon, her husband works for Disney, and they know the parks inside and out.

For today's show she has prepared a list of tips you won't want to miss to make your next trip to Disneyland Paris as successful as hers. Debbie and her family were at the resort for 3 and a half days in June 2017 for the first time and she took great notes!

Click on Show Notes and Photos below for an outline of everything we talked about with timestamps.

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Hotels recommended in this episode: the Sequoia Lodge and the Vienna House Dream Castle at Disneyland Paris

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Let's Review

Disneyland Paris has all the magic indeed! Debbie, her husband and children all enjoyed it very much. Even though it had a rocky start, the Disneyland Paris park is one of the most visited attraction in France and has steadily grown in popularity.

When you visit, you'll be surprised how many French families patronize the park and that French kids love it as much as kids anywhere. There are also plenty of visitors from other European countries such as England, Germany, Italy and Spain. But the bulk of the visitors are French people, proving that Disney made the right choice when it chose Paris!

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Categories: Day-Trips from Paris, Family Travel

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