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Dordogne Hotels Annie Loves

On my last visit to the Dordogne–in June 2017–I tried three hotels, two of which I am happy recommending. Why do I not recommend the third one? The people were super friendly there, but the beds were not comfortable and halls looked like a Motel 6. But you can check it out if you’d like: it was the Hôtel Le Périgord in Port de Domme, near La Roque-Gageac.

Château La Fleunie

Now, on to hotels we DO recommend, especially if you’re on a honeymoon or romantic getaway. Château La Fleunie in Condat-sur-Vézère was a lovely find. It is an honest to goodness château in the Dordogne! Yours for the night for as low as around 100€ per night.

Here’s a gotcha: some of the hotel is air-conditioned, the rest is not. The twin room we booked in the chateau proper was not. Because it is an actual chateau dating back from the XII century, we hoped the thick walls would keep us cool, and they did, but only to a point. If you’re going between May and October, be prepared and book one of the air conditioned rooms.

This is one of those great Dordogne hotels that is not only a chateau, but it has a great-looking pool too! Since we didn’t have AC, we cooled off in the pool for a couple of hours, a very French thing to do. There isn’t a bar near the pool, but you can order a drink at the bar.

The restaurant attached to the hotel is stylish and the food pretty good, but I think it’ll be some time before they can aspire to any Michelin stars. I give them kudos for outstanding service, but the food was meh and the night we were there they were mostly serving hotel guests. .

This would be a great hotel for honeymooners and probably a nice place to hold a wedding reception  too!

Hostellerie La Roseraie

Dordogne Hotels and parkinglot
Hostellerie La Roseraie in Montignac

Hostellerie La Roseraie in Montignac: this is a charming hotel right in the center of Montignac. It is plush, comfortable, the rooms are pretty, we had a great night sleep there and I am pretty sure you will too. The lady at the desk was polite (I said polite, not friendly or warm). This hotel does not have a pool, but it has great air conditioning inside the rooms, which made up for it.

There was a heat wave under way when we visited, so we were grateful for it.  There are lovely sitting common areas in this hotel, but they are not air conditioned and were too warm to sit and read or sit and write, too bad, we should go back during a cooler season.

This hotel also has a strange-looking elevator. It looks like it was added recently and it is slow. It is nonetheless effective when hauling suitcases, and it also makes the hotel wheelchair accessible. We enjoyed the small city of Montignac, the walk along the Dordogne river was great, it’s an unpretentious place with friendly folks and a lovely church.


If you are going to visit the Dordogne, you need to plan out both your hotels and what you’re going to do every day because you will be assaulted by offers once there. The Dordogne is quiet all year and surprisingly touristy in the summer months. You may want to listen to Episode 82 and Episode 46 to prepare for your visit. I will soon publish a new episode specifically about my latest trip which included the hotels mentioned on this page.

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