France How-To

France How-To From a Local

When you live in a country, of course you know how things work. But when you’re visiting a new country, there is a lot you don’t understand. And when we don’t know, how to do every day things, we worry.

This is how this works for everybody. Deficit of knowledge and confidence =  worries.

At Join Us in France we bring you actual France how-to information. That way you will have a better idea of how things work in Paris and in the rest of France as well.

So, here is the list of episodes we’ve published that will help you plan your trip to France on a practical level. Start listening and stop worrying!

Café Culture in France

Want to learn about café culture in France? How about learning how to order your coffee drinks in French? In this episode of the podcast we take a deep dive into what makes cafés so great in France! Cafe Culture in France, Episode 228

10 Things You Need to Know Before You Visit Europe

Hotels do things are a little bit differently in Europe. Plugs are different. They don’t give you washcloths in hotels. This episode lists 10 things you need to be warned about so you’re prepared and have a great time on your first visit to Europe. France, Germany, England, or Spain. Your First Time in Europe, Episode 213

Tips for Looking Great While Traveling and Packing Right

Looking for actionable advice for how to look good when visiting Paris? Want to understand how French people dress and why they look so stylish? There are definite rules and once you crack the code you’ll be able to put the right kind of clothes in your suitcase and fit right in in Paris. What to Pack to Look Stylish in Paris, Episode 195

The best way to get into Paris from the CDG or ORL airports

What is the best way to get between the airport and the city in Paris? What are the best Paris airport transfer? Annie compares them in today’s episode and gives you a definitive answer. Hint: I argue for the taxi solution and explain why. Best Paris Airport Transfer: TAXI, Episode 202

How to Find a Great Vacation Rental in Paris

Tips for finding a short-time rental in Paris from someone who’s done it dozens of time. There are ways to do this besides Airbnb, there are lots of rental apartment agencies in Paris. Some are really small and highly specialized and have great properties for you to rent. Find the best Paris has to offer with this episode of the podcast! Secrets to Finding an Apartment in Paris, Episode 153

Do They Have Uber in Paris? Yes! How Does It Work?

    • How do you get around Paris using Uber?
    • Is Uber easy to use in Paris? What about the rest of France?
    • Is it cost effective?
    • Will the drivers speak English?
    • What can you expect?

It’s all in today’s episode of the podcast! Tips for Using Uber in Paris, Episode 151

How Difficult Is It to Get Around Paris in a Wheelchair?

Sandra Brown is a quadriplegic who loves a challenge and decided to move to Paris. Today, she shares her secrets about visiting Paris using a wheelchair. She found out that Paris isn’t as difficult as she feared, so long as you know a few tricks! We answer questions like how do you rent a wheelchair in Paris? Find supplies? Make sure the room will be accessible? Do you need specialized travel planners? How about transportation? Visiting Paris Using a Wheelchair, Episode 109

How You Can Make Sure Your Credit Card Will Work in France

You may have heard that sometimes American visitors in France have a hard time getting their credit cards to work in France. Make sure yours will by listening to this episode! Will my Credit Card Work in France? Episode 99

There Are Many Free Museums in Paris: Which Ones Are Worth It?

What are some great museums you can see for free in Paris? What will you see when you get there? Which ones are worth it? It’s all in today’s episode of the podcast. Free Museums in Paris, Episode 80

Bus Transportation in France: How Does it Work? Is It Safe?

How do regional buses work in France? Sometimes the train isn’t an option because of a strike. Sometimes you want to save a few dollars. Sometimes the trains and airplanes are full and the bus is what’s left! In any case, this episode is a recap of how bus transportation works in France. Bus Transportation in France, Episode 75

France Is Great Any Time, But Is June Better than September?

Is there a bad time to visit France? Ask anyone who lives in France year-round and we’ll tell you that YES when it comes to enjoying France some times are better than others. Annie and Elyse don’t quite agree, but we reveal what our preferences are and why. When Is the Best Time to Visit France? Episode 74

Tips for visiting France with a Guide Dog for the Blind

What is it like visiting France with a Guide Dog for the Blind? Richard visits France a few times a year from his home in England and he shares his secrets for making this work flawlessly. He also answers many questions about guide dogs in general and how his canine companion, Ralph, works with him every day. Visiting France with a Guide Dog for the Blind, Episode 55

Some Stores Keep Funny Hours in France! Be Prepared!

In North America customers are used to stores being open the time. It is not so in France, especially outside of Paris. Learn how it works and avoid surprises! Store Hours and Credit Cards in France, Episode 10

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