Visiting Paris Using a Wheelchair, Episode 109

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Visiting Paris Using a Wheelchair

You might think that life is so complicated for wheelchair users that  that they would rather stay home and not look for complications in France. But it is not so! Wheelchair travel is getting more and more common, even in France.

Secrets to Visiting Paris Using a Wheelchair with Sandra Brown

Sandra Brown is a quadriplegic who loves a challenge and decided to move to Paris. Today, she comes on the show to share  her secrets about visiting Paris using a wheelchair. She found out that Paris isn't as difficult as she feared, so long as you know a few tricks! She also loves food and gives wonderful recommendations of French dishes and Paris restaurants nobody should not miss.

Must You Pay for Specialized Services?

In this episode we discuss wheelchair travel and wheelchair access in Paris. We also discuss travel hacks that may make it unnecessary for you to pay extra for specialized services. Sandra explains why you are better off sourcing everything you need yourself and shares  details of how she does it.

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Restaurants in Paris that Always Have Wheelchair Accessible Bathrooms

McDonald's, Prêt à Manger, Costa Coffee, KFC, self-cleaning bathrooms, Galleries Lafayette (and other large department stores).

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Discussed in this Episode

  • Accès Plus SNCF
  • Disabled Travel
  • France Train Travel with wheelchair
  • Accessible Restaurants in Paris
  • How to get supplies / equipment in Paris
  • Renting a wheelchair in Paris
  • How to book an accessible taxi in Paris
  • Solo travel in France
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Categories: First Time in Paris, France How To, Paris

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  1. Annie,

    Super episode. I have friends with mobility issues and even though they are game to try anything it is super for them to have more specific information. I told my friend Jim and wounded vet about this show and he had great things to say about it.

    Just Great Thanks!

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