Introducing your Partner to France, Episode 399

Megan and her partner Brian: Introducing your partner to France episodeAre you introducing your partner or someone you love to France? Here are the things you need to consider to help things go smoothly!

Anniversary in Paris and Provence, Episode 361

Anniversary in Paris: Brianne and her husband in front of the Eiffel TowerAre you thinking of celebrating your anniversary in Paris or in Provence? Listen to this episode to get lots of inspiration!

First Time in Paris Trip Report, Episode 358

Joni and Steve Goldin sitting at a restaurant in Paris: first time in Paris trip report episodeThis episode of the podcast is a trip report with Joni and Steve who went to Paris for the first time in August 2021. They had some great surprises, a few dissappointments and they share some great tips!

To Airbnb or Not to Airbnb? Episode 330

An Airbnb apartment: Airbnb pros and consAirbnb has had a huge impact on the tourist industry because it is so popular. But there is a dark side to Airbnb and there are lots of great alternatives. Let's talk about it!

Latin Quarter Highlights, Episode 308

Place de la Contrescarpe: Latin Quarter EpisodeHow about a nice walk around the 5th Arrondissement or Latin Quarter in Paris? Annie and Phil have a lot of great ideas for those who are looking for inspiration.

Favorite Shopping Spots in Paris, Episode 294

La Bonne Mère de Famille store front: favorite shopping spots in Paris episodeAre you a shopper? You won't want to miss this list of favorite stores in Paris by the listeners of the podcast!

Brothers Meet in Paris, Episode 293

Erenesto and his brother at the Louvre: brothers meet in Paris episodeWhat do brothers who meet in Paris do once they get there? Ernesto, my guest on today's episode has lots of great tips for you!

Les Grands Magasins in Paris, Episode 287

The dome of the Galleries Lafayette: les grands magasins in Paris episodeDid you ever wonder how the big department stores in Paris came about? It turns out that it's a great dive into French history and the history of the emancipation of women too!

The Secrets of Planning a Trip to Paris, Episode 251

The banks of the Seine river at sunsetNeed some help figuring out all the things you are researching about Paris? Kristina Long shares her secrets!

Self-Guided Paris Audio Tours, Episode 245

Self-Guided Paris Audio ToursGoing to Paris soon? Take Annie Sargent in your pocket so she can show you around Paris with new self-guided Paris audio tours.