D'Artagnan: the Man and the Legend, Episode 463

D'Artagnan and the Musketeers

Discover the real-life D'Artagnan, from his early years in Gascony to his service under Louis XIV. One for All, All for One Musketeers!

Jean Moulin, Standing Up to Tyranny, Episode 459

Jean Moulin wearing a scarf around his neck and a fedora hat

Explore the life of Jean Moulin, WWII hero and beacon of hope during France's darkest hours. Discover his indomitable spirit, political journey, and the legacy that still resonates today.

Jews in France: Trials, Triumphs, and Transformations, Episode 457

Hebrew writing and menorah: Jews in France episode

Discover the rich history of Jews in France, from Roman times to today. Uncover their struggles, triumphs, and influence on French culture.

Canadian WW2 Normandy Sites, Episode 452

Terri and Paul by a Canadian WW2 Normandy Sites

In this episode we explore Canadian WW2 Normandy sites with a trip report that includes a 3.5-day journey through must-see Canadian sites.

In Search of Joan of Arc in the Loire Valley, Episode 448

Kim Loftus and her husband: Joan of Arc in the Loire Valley episode

For this trip report we search for Joan of Arc in the Loire Valley with Kim Loftus. She loves to discover the places where Joan walked and had a great time in the Loire Valley.

First Frame: The Revolutionary Lumière Brothers, Episode 447

Photography of the Lumière Brothers

Join Elyse Rivin and Annie Sargent as they delve into the lives of the Lumière Brothers, the pioneers who revolutionized cinema.

D-Day Anniversary Visit to Normandy, Episode 444

Phil Roberson in jumping gear: D-Day Anniversary Visit to Normandy episode

A trip report about a D-Day Anniversary Visit to Normandy. You can't just show up in Normandy in early June. It takes preparation and Phil explains how he's done it several times.

Flight Path: Charting the History of Aviation in Toulouse, Episode 443

A380 airplane: Aviation in Toulouse episode

Toulouse has played a crucial role in the history of aviation in France. Let's talk about the aviation-centric attractions you can visit!

Jean Jaurès and his Birthplace, Castres, Episode 441

Bust of Jean Jaurès at his museum in Castres, France

Dive into our podcast on Jean Jaurès, a French socialist icon and peace advocate, who shaped workers' rights and social justice in France.

Revolutionary Feminist: Exploring the Life and Legacy of Olympe de Gouges, Episode 439

Revolutionary Feminist: Exploring the Life and Legacy of Olympe de Gouges podcast episode

France is famous for its many revolutions. But have you heard of Olympe de Gouges, the revolutionary feminist who changed French history forever?