The Battle of Agincourt, Episode 89

medieval helmet and glove: the battle of agincourt episodeThe Battle of Agincourt was an epic loss for French Knights. What happened? Why does it matter to history buffs? Annie talks about it in today's episode.

Louis XIV Miraculous Child, Episode 87

Louis XIV on a horse: Louis XIVIn our on-going series about French history, Annie and Elyse take a look at the amazing story surrounding the birth of Louis XIV.

The Pantheon in Paris, Episode 71

Pantheon seen from the outside on a sunny dayWondering if a visit to the Pantheon in Paris is worth it? Annie thinks so, especially if you understand a bit better what this highly symbolic monument means in French life.

Napoleon in Paris, Episode 58

The Carroussel du Louvre in Paris: Napoleon in Paris EpisodeHoping to see some of the landmarks Napoleon left in Paris? Tour guide Ariane tells us about the places you should not miss in today's episode.

Bastille Saint-Antoine, Episode 24

Painting of the Bastille Saint-Antoine in 1715Want to learn more about the Bastille in Paris? Almost nothing of it is left, but it has played a huge role in French history as explained by Elyse in today's episode.