Jean Jaurès and his Birthplace, Castres, Episode 441

Bust of Jean Jaurès at his museum in Castres, France

Dive into our podcast on Jean Jaurès, a French socialist icon and peace advocate, who shaped workers' rights and social justice in France.

Revolutionary Feminist: Exploring the Life and Legacy of Olympe de Gouges, Episode 439

Revolutionary Feminist: Exploring the Life and Legacy of Olympe de Gouges podcast episode

France is famous for its many revolutions. But have you heard of Olympe de Gouges, the revolutionary feminist who changed French history forever?

Baron Haussmann and the Transformation of Paris, Episode 437

Painting of Haussmann: Haussmann and the Transformation of Paris

Explore Haussmann and the Transformation of Paris in this episode of the Join Us in France Travel Podcast. Uncover the story of Baron Haussmann's urban planning innovations, controversies, and enduring influence on the City of Light.

Huguenot Heritage in France, Episode 427

The Protestant Cross: Huguenots in France episode

On today's episode of the podcast we talk about the history of Huguenots in France, what happened and why this is such a pox on French history.

Vauban Fortifications in France, Episode 425

Chateau Queyras: Vauban Fortifications in France Episode

In this episode of the podcast, Annie Sargent and Elyse Rivin discuss Vauban. His life, his work, things he's not so famous for that make him a great human being #vauban, #military, #fortifications, #history, #france, #podcast

The Life and Times of Jean-François Champollion, Episode 416

The life and times of Champollion episode

Jean-François Champollion was obsessed with ancient languages and was the first to read hieroglyphics. Annie and Elyse talk about his life.

Berthe Morisot an Artist who Defied Conventions, Episode 414

Berthe Morisot painting showing two women in a boat on a lake

Berthe Morisot was an artist who defied conventions in France and developed her own distinctive style. Click play to hear why she was so good!

Eleanor of Aquitaine, a Tumultuous Life, Episode 412

Eleanor of Aquitaine in her resting place at the Abbaye de Fontevraud

In this episode of the podcast we discuss the tumultuous life of Eleanor of Aquitaine, her desire to rule and long struggle for power.

A Brief History of the Tour de France, Episode 394

Cyclists taking part in the Tour de France

Do you love the Tour de France? Let's talk about its history and share practical information on how to enjoy the Tour while visiting France.

A Brief History of the Chemin de Compostelle, Episode 390

The Church of the Virgin in Le Puy en Velay: Chemin de Compostelle episode

How much do you know about the Chemin de Compostelle aka Camino? Have you walked it? Walking the way of Saint James is more and more popular as more and more people turn to active vacations in France.