Cathar Beliefs and Lifestyle, Episode 387

Monségur, a major Cathar site: Cathar beliefs and lifestyle episode

An episode about Cathar theology and what led these people to choose violent death rather than renounce their beliefs

The Shocking History of Saint Denis Basilica, Episode 381

Saint Denis Basilica stained glass windows

Saint Denis Basilica, a place of beauty and of genuinely revolting history. Click play, it's all in this episode of the podcast!

A Brief History of French Porcelain, Episode 373

Tea pot that says Lavande: a brief history of porcelain in France episode

A brief history of French porcelain and the cities in France that got involved in porcelain manufacturing. Collectors, this one is for you!

Best Gallo-Roman Sites in France, Episode 370

Nimes, France: Gallo-Roman Sites in France episode

Where are the best Gallo-Roman sites in France? Which ones should you visit? Why are they called Gallo-Roman anyway? Let's talk about it!

What happened during the Terror? Episode 367

Louis XVI decapitation: the terror episode

The Terror (1793-1794) is a confusing part of the French Revolution. Why happened? What started it? Historian Suzanne Levin explains.

Misconceptions about the French Revolution, Episode 366

The Tennis Court Oath, painting at the Carnavalet Museum on the floor dedicated to the French Revolution

On this episode of the podcast, historian Suzanne Levin explains what led to the French Revolution and to the puzzling events of the Terror: an episode for history buffs and anyone who enjoys explanations that make sense!

Josephine Baker enters the Pantheon in Paris, Episode 365

Josephine Baker in her military uniform and in full makeup as a performer

Josephine Baker conquered hearts with her talent, exoticism and devotion to family & country. She is now one of the greats at the Pantheon in Paris.

Lafayette, the Hermione and the Arsenal of Rochefort, Episode 363

Lafayette, the Hermione and Rochefort: side view of the Hermione frigate

In this episode Annie & Elyse talk about Lafayette, the Hermione and Rochefort in France. Are you hoping to visit? Listen and get ready!

The Martyred Village of Oradour-sur-Glane, Episode 359

Destroyed cars at Oradour-sur-Glane

This episode recounts the history of the martyred village of Oradour-sur-Glane near Limoges. What happened? Do we know why? Let's talk about it.

What's Special About Moissac, France? Episode 354

A view of Moissac from a scenic ventage point

Have you ever heard of Moissac, a lovely small city in the southwest of France? Perfect for history lovers because it is a Unesco world heritage site.