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Vauban was a French military engineer and architect who lived in the 17th century. He is best known for his work on fortifications, and was appointed as the chief engineer of France by King Louis XIV.

Sebastien le Prestre de Vauban designed and built many fortresses and fortifications throughout France, as well as in other parts of Europe, that were considered to be among the most advanced and effective of their time.

A city that was built by Vauban is a city that is bound to be saved. A city that is attacked by Vauban is lost.

In this episode of the podcast, Elyse Rivin and Annie Sargent talk about Vauban and his life, but also about where you can go to see Vauban fortifications in France. Many of them are listed as World Heritage Sites and you can walk on many of those Vauban fortifications and they make a wonderful backdrop for your vacation photos.

List of Vauban fortifications that are UNESCO World Heritage Sites

  1. Arras- a beautiful, walled city (citadelle) in the Pas de Calais
  2. Besançon - a citadelle and its ramparts, plus a fort, in the Doubs
  3. Blaye-Cussac-Fort Médoc - in the Gironde: the citadelle of Blaye, the walls, the fort
  4. Briançon in the Hautes-Alpes: the walls, two forts and the bridge Asfeld
  5. Camaret-sur-Mer in the Finistère: the tower
  6. Longwy in the Meurthe and Moselle: the “new” city competely designed by Vauban
  7. Mont-Dauphin in the Hautes -Alpes: the fortified square
  8. Mont-Louis in the Pyrenees Orietales: the citadelle and the walls
  9. Neuf-Brisach in the Haut-Rhin: the “new” city
  10. Saint Martin de Ré in the Charente –Maritime: the citadelle and the walls
  11. Saint -Vaast –le- Hougue in the Manche: the observation towers
  12. Villefranche de Confluent in the Pyrenees Orientales: the walls, the Liberai fort and the grotto Cova Bastera

Table of Contents for this Episode

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Discussed in this Episode

  • Feux croisés
  • Boulets creux
  • Tir à ricochets
  • Cavaliers de tranchée
  • La dîme Royale
  • Oisivetées
  • La basterne
  • Scale models of Vauban fortifications at Les Invalides
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