The Enchanted World of the Musée des Arts Forains, Episode 467

Musée des Arts Forains in Paris Episode

Discover Paris' Musée des Arts Forains at Christmas! Enjoy vintage rides, festive shows & family fun in this unique cultural gem.

The New Carnavalet Museum in Paris, Episode 343

The first room of the Carnavalet Museum

Annie and Elyse LOVED the Carnavalet museum in Paris. In this episode we explain why and we point out all the things you should not miss when you're there yourself!

Louis Vuitton Foundation, Episode 306

The Louis Vuitton Foundation building in Paris

If you've ever considered visiting the Vuitton Foundation in Paris but didn't make it, Annie and Elyse chat about why you should go! And we also talk about the complicated history of the Jardin d'Acclimatation right next to it.

Where to Experience the Best Modern and Contemporary Art in France, Episode 221

Painting by Henri Matisse, Luxe Calme et Volupté: Modern and Contemporary Art in France episode

Wondering what Modern and Contemporary Art you should see in France? You've probably heard of The Pompidou center in Paris, but there's so much more! In this episode we take you all over France to the best modern art museums France has to offer.

Overview of Paris Museums, Episode 187

pyramid of the louvre seen from inside the louvre museum

Big museums, small museums, museums that present great temporary exhibits, museums that appeal to locals, museums famous for their permanent collection. Paris has them all! The question is which one do YOU want to see?

The Orangerie Museum in Paris, Episode 136

Visitors at the Orangerie Museum in Paris, overview of one of the museum rooms

The Orangerie Museum in Paris is not on everybody's top list, but should it be? Let's talk about it so you can decide if it'll be a good one for you!

Paris Sewer, Episode 125

paris sewer sign near its entrance

In the mood for a stinky yet fascinating visit in Paris? The Paris Sewer is the ticket for you! CLOSED FOR RENOVATIONS until 2020.

Wine Museum in Paris, Episode 124

a view of the inside the wine museum in paris

Love wine? Want to learn more about it? Listen to this episode to see if the wine museum in Paris is for you!

The Rodin Museum in Paris, Episode 102

The Thinker at the Rodin Museum in Paris

This newly-renovated museum is such a wonderful showcase for Rodin's work! Even people who don't love museums tend to enjoy the Rodin museum because the gardens are really pleasant and it's not super crowded most days. Bust is it for you? Listen and decide!

Free Museums in Paris, Episode 80

Large semi circular painting at the Museum of modern Art of the city of Paris. Free Museums in Paris Episode

What are some great museums you can see for free in Paris? What will you see when you get there? Which ones are worth it? Let's talk about it!