Where to Experience the Best Modern and Contemporary Art in France, Episode 221

Painting by Henri Matisse, Luxe Calme et Volupté: Modern and Contemporary Art in France episodeWondering what Modern and Contemporary Art you should see in France? You've probably heard of The Pompidou center in Paris, but there's so much more! In this episode we take you all over France to the best modern art museums France has to offer.

Overview of Paris Museums, Episode 187

pyramid of the louvre seen from inside the louvre museumBig museums, small museums, museums that present great temporary exhibits, museums that appeal to locals, museums famous for their permanent collection. Paris has them all! The question is which one do YOU want to see?

The Orangerie Museum in Paris, Episode 136

Visitors at the Orangerie Museum in Paris, overview of one of the museum roomsThe Orangerie Museum in Paris is not on everybody's top list, but should it be? We give you the information so you can decide!

Paris Sewer, Episode 125

paris sewer sign near its entranceIn the mood for a stinky yet fascinating visit in Paris? The Paris Sewer is the ticket for you! CLOSED FOR RENOVATIONS until 2020.

The Rodin Museum in Paris, Episode 102

The Thinker at the Rodin Museum in ParisRodin is the sculptor who brought us the Thinker, the Gates of Hell, the Kiss, the Burghers of Calais and revolutionized his art in every way. A museum dedicated to his work has just re-opened in the 7th arrondissement in Paris and showcases his best and most famous works. In this episode Elyse describes what she saw in her recent visit and why both Elyse and Annie recommend that you go visit it next time you're in Paris.

Free Museums in Paris, Episode 80

Large semi circular painting at the Museum of modern Art of the city of Paris. Free Museums in Paris EpisodeWhat are some great museums you can see for free in Paris? What will you see when you get there? Which ones are worth it? Let's talk about it!

The Curie Museum in Paris, Episode 79

Tucked in the Latin Quarter within the halls of the Sorbonne University, this small museum packs in a lot of history. If you're going to see it (and I think you should!) learn about Madame Curie's life by listening to this episode of the podcast.

Treasure Hunt in the Louvre, Episode 63

Smiling Daisy carrying a young child on her back with a faint Louvre pyramid in the backgroundHow about introducing children to the Louvre in the best possible way: by going on a treasure hunt!

Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, Episode 42

the exoskeleton of the centre georges pompidou, colorful tubes wrapped around a large buildingThe Centre Georges Pompidou is startling and that's why we think you should visit it. And do not miss this vibrant Paris neighborhood, it has much to offer!

Strategies for Visiting the Louvre Museum, Episode 21

louvre pyramid with reflections of the stone building against the glassOn today's show, we'll be talking about the Louvre Museum in Paris and give you tips on how to organize your visit. The Louvre is the museum that gets the most visitors in the world. It's also the second biggest museum in the world. One could spend a few months looking at everything and still not see it all. It's so big that some people get intimidated and some skip it all together. That's probably a mistake, especially if you enjoy art, and the Louvre has unbelievably wonderful art. There's a trick to visiting the Louvre in a relaxing way and today we share it with you. To read the show notes for this episode and see lots of photos of the Louvre, go to joinusinfrance.com/21