Paris Sewer, Episode 125

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On today's episode, my guest Brenda and I discuss our visit he Paris sewer or "Égouts de Paris". Oh, my, what a place! I can promise you that this is not the kind of visit you will soon forget. Is that good or bad? You decide!

What You Need to Understand

You have to know that when you visit the Paris sewer, you are actually in the sewer, this is not a reproduction or a show-room. Once inside, you are walking over actual sewer lines and you get the full effect, smell and sight and all. While going through the experience I wished it wasn't so real because it's nauseating.

Does It Stink?

Oh, my does it ever! You should consider that fact when deciding if you want to go or if you should pass. If you have a strong gag reflex, it may get triggered even if you breathe through your shirt. We go into details in the episode, but unless you go on a very cold day, it will be extremely smelly.

Closed for Renovations Until 2020

The Paris Sewer museum has limited opening hours AND as I write this blog post it is closed for renovations until 2020. Check their website before you go!


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large ball used to unclog the paris sewer

Let's Review

One thing is for sure: when you visit the Paris Sewer you get a new level of respect for the people who work in sewers every day. Sewers need quite a bit of maintenance and people have to be involved.

I was relieved to hear that sewer workers in France get special accommodations in their work hours and retire at a younger age than the rest of the population. That's the least we can do for them on account of what they do for us.

I must admit that having visited once, I would rather not go again. That's unless with the new renovation they place the historical displays in a well ventilated area that doesn't smell so much. That would be a brilliant idea!

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Categories: Museums in Paris, Paris

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