Solo in Paris: Enjoy Paris on Your Own!, Episode 273

Café in Paris with people sitting outside and waiter looking at the cameraGoing to Paris by yourself? In many ways, this is the best way to enjoy the city! Learn about some amazing places to visit in this episode.

3 Common Mistakes Tourists Make in Paris, Episode 266

Woman looking sad that she dropped her ice cream cone: 3 common mistakes tourists make in Paris episodeAre you looking to avoid common mistakes visitors make in Paris? I'm not talking gross mistakes from folks who are totally clueless. These are mistakes anybody can make!

Paris with Preschool Children, Episode 265

Michelle and family posing in front of the Eiffel Tower: Paris with Preschoolders episodeThinking about taking your preschool children to France? It can be done with a little planning as you'll hear on this trip report with my guest Michelle.

Planning a Group Trip to Paris, Episode 264

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An Action-Packed Holiday in France with Kids, Episode 259

Joanne's husband and children walking towards a Loire Valley chateauComing to visit France with your kids? Joanna offers a lot of inspiration and great tips for Paris, the Loire Valley and Beaune!

Inspiration for a Successful Multi-Generational Trip to Paris, Episode 257

Visitors at the Musée des Arts Forains: multi-generational trip to Paris episodeGoing to Paris as a group? This episode will give you ideas for what you can do to accommodate everybody's needs in your family.

The Secrets of Planning a Trip to Paris, Episode 251

The banks of the Seine river at sunsetNeed some help figuring out all the things you are researching about Paris? Kristina Long shares her secrets!

Things You Should Consider When Visiting Paris, Episode 250

Seaside café with empty glasses on a table and the sea in the backgroundIn this short episode (under 5 minutes) Annie lists 3 things that really matter in Paris and 3 more you can safely ignore.

Versailles: Yes or No? Episode 248

Gardens at Versailles with stormy skyVersailles, yes or no? Should you take the time? Listen to this short and make up your own mind!

Self-Guided Paris Audio Tours, Episode 245

Self-Guided Paris Audio ToursGoing to Paris soon? Take Annie Sargent in your pocket so she can show you around Paris with new self-guided Paris audio tours.