Paris Olympics 2024: Navigating the City of Light, Episode 483

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On today's episode Annie Sargent and Patricia Perry chat about the Paris Olympics 2024: Navigating the City of Light.  We'll unpack everything you need for a smooth experience in Paris this summer, covering metro and bike travel, security, lodging, weather, and the ever-present chance of strikes. If you're not in Paris for the Olympics in July, August, or September 2024, this episode might not catch your interest. However, if you're seeking insights on what to expect in Paris during the Olympics, you need to listen today!

Paris Olympics 2024: Navigating the City of Light

Here are all the things you'll hear about in our conversation:

Getting Around Paris During the Olympics

- Walking is always going to be the best option.
- More metros and buses will be available but expect them to be crowded.
- Biking is an option, but consider where you can drop off or lock the bike.

Article about the Navigo Découverte during the Olympics.

Security Measures During the Paris Olympics

- Expect increased security in certain areas and definitely around Olympics venues.
- They will use drones and AI for quick response to situations.
- Some metro stations near venues will be closed.

Apps to Download

- Bonjour App for Paris transportation.
- CityMapper for real-time information.
- Ile de France mobilités might be used during the Olympics instead of the Bonjour App.

Tips for Safety and Navigation

- Beware of pickpockets. Use zipped pockets.
- Avoid using your phone openly, use audio navigation with an earbud.
- Pay attention to metro signage

-Official interactive map of routing issues in real time

Transportation Alternatives

- Taxis can use bus lanes; Uber cannot.
- G7 app recommended for taxis.
- New bike lanes being added but where will you park your bike if you have one?


- Locals can rent their apartments to Olympic visitors, but rules are strict.
- Expect hot weather; ensure AC is available where you're staying if you don't like to sleep in an oven.
- Book restaurants early using TheFork and ZenApp.

Payments and Purchases

- Set up Apple Pay or Google Pay at home.
- If looking for a good deal, get your Olympic merchandise at Decathlon.

Olympic Events and Preparations

- Opening Ceremonies rules are still being finalized.
- Fan zones with screens will be available.
- Seine river cleaned for athlete competitions.
- Bouquinistes will not have to move.

City Life During the Olympics

- Parisians encouraged to work remotely and avoid package deliveries during the Olympics.
- Strikes possible; RATP may seek more funding by threatening strikes.
- Olympic mascot inspired by the Bonnet Phrygien.

Remember, things will be different in Paris during the Olympics, so plan accordingly!

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Patricia Perry: Paris Olympics 2024: Navigating the City of Light
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