The New Carnavalet Museum in Paris, Episode 343

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This is Join Us in France Episode 343.  Bonjour, I’m Annie Sargent and Join Us in France is the podcast where we look around France so you can best enjoy France as a destination. We talk about French culture, history, gastronomy and everything it takes to have a lovely experience in France. Today I bring you a conversation with Elyse Rivin about the Carnavalet Museum in Paris, we went together recently and have a lot of recommendations about how to best enjoy this fantastic museum.

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About the Carnavalet Museum

The Carnavalet Museum is in the Marais district not far from the Place des Vosges. There are a lot of "hôtels particulier" (private mansion) in the Marais because once the Place des Vosges became the place to be for French royalty, everybody else who had money wanted to be there as well.

Other mansions in the Marais are now museums such as the Picasso Museum, the National Archives, the Sully mansion (you can only go in the courtyard of that one). Carnavalet is on rue de Sévigné, named after Madame de Sévigné the famous author and socialite. The Marquise de Sévigné lived in this gorgeous mansion.

The Best Pieces at the Carnavalet Museum

In French we say these are "incontournables" meaning they are so big you can't go around them. Here is the page of "les incontournables" of the Carnavalet museum. Look at the list and see if you can find them all when you visit in person!

How to find out about events when you're in Paris

All big events get advertised in the metro. Some of the ads are a bit obscure, but many will tell you about plays and concerts, etc. You could also get the Pariscope magazine when you get to Paris.  It's only 50 cents!

Three biggest new venues in Paris in 2021

Paris is reopening to new visitors with 3 exciting new museums:

  1. The Carnavalet Museum that we just talked about at length.
  2. La Bourse du Commerce aka the Pinault private modern and contemporary art collection. Not my cup of tea, but definitely beautiful and interesting.
  3. And le Musée de la Marine which is on the North side of Place de la Concorde and was a hotel particulier in Paris, then transformed into the headquarters of the naval branch of the French army, has been closed to the public for years, totally renovated and is now reopened as a museum and eye candy for both French people and foreign visitors. I haven’t been but I really look forward to it.

Even if you’ve been to Paris several times, there is still more to see and do!


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Discussed in this Episode

  • Marquise de Sévigné
  • Pariscope
  • La Bourse du Commerce
  • Le Musée de la Marine
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