Sheltering in Place in France, Episode 278

Sheltering in place in FranceWhat is it like sheltering in place in France? In this episode of the podcast Annie talks to a resident of Paris and another from Antibes.

Having a Baby in France, Episode 276

Having a baby in France: Shauna, her husband and babyAre you thinking about having your baby in France? In this episode of the podcast we have a conversation with a new mom who explains how her experience went!

President Macron on the French Covid-19 Plan, Episode 275

President Emmanuel Macron on the French Covid-19 PlanThe whole world is dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. In this episode Annie summarizes the action plan outlined by French President Macron on March 13, 2020.

Tours Make a Vacation Better, Episode 274

Visitors cruising on the Seine river by the Vert Galant: tours make a vacation better episodeYour time in France is precious! Make every minute count by taking a tour such as Annie or Elyse's tours on the VoiceMap App!

Where to Settle in France for a Month? Episode 272

The bay of Villefranche sur Mer: France for a month episodeIf you could live in France for a month, where would you go? What are some things you need to consider? Where can you live like a temporary French local?

How to Deal with Strikes in France, Episode 260

yellow vest protestor facing police officersStrikes happen all the time in France. But you're not helpless! Here are 8 steps you need to take so your trip to France goes off without a hitch!

Ultimate Guide to Getting Around France, Episode 254

Modern train platfornt: Getting Around France episodeIn the episode of the podcast you'll learn both about budget long-haul flights to France and the all the cost-effective ways to travel within France!

Flying to France on an Open Jaw Ticket, Episode 253

man walking through an airport: Flying to France on an Open Jaw Ticket episodeWondering how to save on your next flights to France? Booking open-jaw or multi-city trips might just be the ticket!

Join Us in France Trailer

Laptop, glasses and earbuds on a tableWhat are podcasts all about and how can this one help you prepare your next trip to France? It's all in today's short episode!

Buying a House in France, Episode 239

Half-timbered houses along a river: buying a house in france episodeThinking of retiring in France? This episode is a conversation with someone who bought a house in the south of France and shares what he learned in the process.