How to Deal with Strikes in France, Episode 260

yellow vest protestor facing police officersStrikes happen all the time in France. But you're not helpless! Here are 8 steps you need to take so your trip to France goes off without a hitch!

Ultimate Guide to Getting Around France, Episode 254

Modern train platfornt: Getting Around France episodeIn the episode of the podcast you'll learn both about budget long-haul flights to France and the all the cost-effective ways to travel within France!

Flying to France on an Open Jaw Ticket, Episode 253

man walking through an airport: Flying to France on an Open Jaw Ticket episodeWondering how to save on your next flights to France? Booking open-jaw or multi-city trips might just be the ticket!

Join Us in France Trailer

Laptop, glasses and earbuds on a tableWhat are podcasts all about and how can this one help you prepare your next trip to France? It's all in today's short episode!

Buying a House in France, Episode 239

Half-timbered houses along a river: buying a house in france episodeThinking of retiring in France? This episode is a conversation with someone who bought a house in the south of France and shares what he learned in the process.

Paris Street Photography, Episode 229

person with interesting shoes and man in the background: paris street photography episodeLove photography? Valérie Jardin shares some great tips on how to get started in street photography and a few things you should not do. We talk about her native Normandy too!

Cafe Culture in France, Episode 228

group of people enjoying spending time at a cafe: cafe culture in france episodeWant to learn about café culture in France? How about learning how to order your coffee drinks in French? This episode is for you!

Public Holidays in France, Episode 227

Spring meadow with little white flowers and sun rays: public holidays in france episodeA little lost about French public holidays? This episode will make it all clearer!

How to Capture the Best Vacation Photos, Episode 220

Boy and girl playing with dead leaves in the Tuileries garden: vacation photos episode26 tips to take great vacation photos

Your First Time in Europe, Episode 213

Hotels do things are a little bit differently in Europe. This episode lists 10 things you need to be warned about so you're prepared and have a great time.