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Suzanne Danner Praise for the Show

Suzanne Danner from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Dear Annie, I really want you to know just how much I have enjoyed and appreciated your podcasts. Last November I visited France for 2 weeks (Paris and Alsace) with my best friend Tracey when we turned 50years old. Before leaving we discovered your podcast and listened to all of your shows. They highly influenced our choices and experience. We left just days after the terrorist attack so we were a quite nervous but were determined to go. We had an amazing time. I love France. We leave again in 3 weeks so in our preparation for the trip we ...
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Muriel Craft at a chateau near Bordeaux

Janie Craft from Phelan, California

I can not even articulate how much your podcasts have made my trip to Paris unforgettable. I am continually running through my thoughts what I have heard as I am going through my day. I attended a concert tonight at the Sainte-Chapelle recommend on one of your podcasts. It was magnificent! Thank you again ladies for your commitment and hard work to help us all fall in love with France! ...
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Pat Crosswhite praise for Join Us in France Travel Podcast

Pat Crosswhite frpm Holly Springs, NC

We just returned from France May 10-20th – with another couple, we visited Paris for 5 days and then to Caen,/Normandy beaches/WWII museums, a stop in Bayeux to see the tapestry, and also Rouen and Giverny. Had a FANTASTIC time. Once again, I want to thank you for your excellent podcast – it was a big help and gave me a lot of confidence as I toured France. In an episode you talked about the French approach to travel - be in the moment and don't make it a competition to see everything. This helped me relax as I planned and anticipated ...
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Rhonda and family in Paris

Rhonda Lahnakosky from Toronto, Canada

Wow!!! What an amazing podcast! We are Canadian and will soon be coming to France for about 20 days. I am so excited I found your podcast before I left. Since yesterday I have listened to 4 of them and plan to listen to a lot more. MERCI MERCI MERCI!! ...
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Tom Claiborn from TX

Tom Claiborn from Texas, USA

Our two-month visit to southern France has been "magnifique"! Annie and Elyse, your podcast greatly enriched our trip with explanations and suggestions. Merci ...
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Patricia Cavalcanti and family

Patrícia Cavalcanti from Brazil

I'm from Brazil and I went to Paris last January/february with my family (husband and sons). I listened to your podcasts about Paris before travelling and I loved them. I knew about the Clunny museum through them and we visited and loved it, it's great. Thank you for all the valluable information about France. I still continue listening to them to remember the trip and learn more and more about France. And to improve my English too! ...
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Praise for Join Us in France from Stephanie Campbell

Stephanie London Campbell from New Brunswick, Canada

Hi all! I just got back a few days ago from a whirlwind 17 days in lovely France. It was my third time visiting France, but really the first time in the countryside. I was travelling with three girlfriends, and main intent was a one-week self-guided hiking tour throughout the Bordeaux region. Your podcasts were invaluable to me while preparing for this trip! I downloaded them and listened to them while hiking many, many times. Thank you so much ...
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Praise for Join Us in France from Susan Crump. Susan by the sea.

Susan Crump from Kentuky, USA

Kudos to Annie and Elyse - yesterday I thoroughly enjoyed episode 146 Millau Viaduct on my morning commute. I loved all the information on Roquefort cheese and all the information on the viaduct and the area. You never disappoint the listener! ...
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Praise for Join Us in France from Carri Walter

Carri Walter from Troy, Ohio

Bonjour, Annie. I just got back from my dream trip to Europe, which included 10 days in France (three days in Chamonix, three days in Beaune, and four days in Paris). Your podcast was one of my primary planning tools, and I can't thank you enough for the help that you provided. Our trip was perfect. We lucked into perfect weather, but we felt like we planned just enough, and not too much, to really get the best out of each place we visited. I credit what I learned from listening to you and Elyse and your many wonderful guests ...
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