Seeing Doctors in France, Episode 133

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Seeing Doctors in France, How Does It Work?

Nobody wants to get sick on vacation, and folks who visit France certainly don't want to be in an accident, but if it happens, you'll find out first-hand what it's like seeing doctors in France. I suggest you get acquainted with the way medicine works in France just in case. A lot of things are going to surprise you!

Episode Highlights

  • What happens if you're in an accident in France?
  • What if you're unwell, but it's not urgent?
  • How to find a doctor in France
  • 13 things you need to know about the French health care system
  • In France the insurance is socialized, doctors are in private practice
  • French doctors still make house calls
  • Answering service
  • You can choose any doctor you like
  • Most French doctors do not have staff
  • How the Carte Vitale works
  • How much will you pay?
  • French doctor's office are plain-looking
  • French hospitals are plain-looking
  • Public hospitals vs. Clinics in France
  • Doctors who teach at medical schools
  • 50% of doctors in France are women
  • Medical tourism is not common in France
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statue of french surgeon Guillaume Dupuytren at the Hotel Dieu hospital in Paris: seeing Doctors in France episode
Doctor Guillaume Dupuytren in the courtyard of the Hôtel Dieu hospital in Paris, photo Annie Sargent

Categories: France How To, Health & Safety

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