About the Join Us in France Travel Podcast

Imagine we are all sitting around a big table and chatting about our vacation to France. Along the way we share tips and give suggestions and someone whips out a pen to jot things down, because it’s so good, you need to remember this! That’s what this podcast is all about, and we invite you to pull up a chair, listen, learn a lot and participate by sharing your own experiences if you’d like.

  • Use your ears to plan your trip to France and find the experiences that will delight you in France.
  • Learn how France ticks so you can have a great time anywhere in France.
  • Learn how to find quality anywhere in France so you don’t need to follow in the same footsteps as everyone else and take your own path.
  • On the podcast you will hear from people like you who are seeking great experiences in France.

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Join Us in France is the home of listener-supported weekly podcast about France. If you enjoy the show, we would like you to make a pledge on Patreon, or make a donation via PayPal. Hotel links are affiliate links where a commission is earned when you purchase. We do this because it does not cost you a penny more and it supports the show!

Tour France with Annie and Elyse

In 2016 we also started a company called Addicted to France that offers small group tours a few times a year. You can read reviews of our tours on Trip Advisor. We lead our own tours and we keep the numbers small so you get one-on-one attention.

Our goal with the podcast is to help you discover France and prepare your next trip to France one topic at a time and one show at a time. It’s a vast subject, we believe in taking things slowly so you can also enjoy it in the moment.

Show Production

Annie and Elyse launched the show in Feb 2014. For most of the first year, the shows were conversations between the two of them, places where Elyse had guided groups or places Annie had visited recently. Then Elyse, who had been very generous with her time, became less available and the show had to change format, but Elyse still comes on the show about once a month, as her time permits.

Annie invites various guests on the show, most of them are listeners who enjoy the show and have tips they want to share. We are immensely grateful to them, we couldn’t do the show without them! A few shows are also solo episodes by Annie on topics having to do with French culture, food, wine, places and attractions. If it catches our interest, we hope it will also catch yours!

The more recent Episodes feature Segments:

  • The French Tip of the Week
  • A Bite of French History and Culture

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