4 Days in Paris, Episode 218

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On this Trip Report with Scott Fischer from Canada we look at the best way to spend 4 days in Paris. This was Scott's first time visiting France and after listening to this podcast he and his wife were well-prepared for a wonderful experience in the City of Light!

In this episode we also discuss the difference between the Museum Pass and the Paris Pass. Pay attention to this: one is a great value and one is a rip-off!

Scott is a wonderful photographer and came home with some great Paris shots you can see on the Transcript page (click on the blue button below). We discuss the equipment he took on this vacation and what he ended up using most of the time. Photo nerds will want to hear that part of our conversation because he has great suggestions!

4 Days in Paris Trip Highlights

  • Stayed in Le Marais.
  • Arranged for a private car between CDG and Paris.
  • Tour with a Paris Greeter who took them to the 16th arrondissement.
  • Photography tour with Aperture Tour.
  • Scott loves to watch the Tour de France so he enjoyed going up the Arc de Triomphe.
  • They visited 4 museums: Louvre, Orsay, Picasso, and Rodin.

Paris Pass or Museum Pass?

Difference between the Museum Pass and the Paris Pass. No need for a transportation pass if you plan on walking a lot. You can just buy a "carnet" of 10 t+ tickets. t+ means you can use this ticket on both the metro and the bus (view fare rules).

Photo Credit: All the photos used to illustrate this episode are by Scott Fischer.


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Hotel De Neuve in the Marais: Since recording this episode, Annie has actually stayed at this hotel and enjoyed it, would go back. It's not a luxury hotel, but it is comfortable, clean, great location, friendly staff, etc. As always, this is Paris, rooms in this price range are NOT much bigger than the surface of the bed!

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Scott standing in front of the Eiffel Tower: 4 days in Paris episode
Scott standing in front of the Eiffel Tower.
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Categories: First Time in Paris, Paris, Photography