Sénanque Abbey and Gordes, Episode 398

Sénanque Abbey: Sénanque Abbey and Gordes Episode

On this episode Annie and Elyse talk about the Sénanque Abbey and Gordes, stunning places in Provence and why you might want to go yourself!

Favorite Walking Tours in Nice, Episode 384

CourSaleya: Walking tours in Nice episode

Jeanne Oliver has a passion for Nice, her adoptive city. In this episode she shares the things she likes best about Nice, from history to wonderful local restaurants! If you only have time for one episode about Nice, it should be this one!

Famous Painters in Nice, Episode 357

Résistance Résurrection Libération by Marc Chagall: Famous Painters in Nice episode

On this episode Annie and Elyse discuss famous painters in Nice and the museums dedicated to them where you can see Matisse and Chagall's work.

Annie and Elyse Visit Èze in Provence, Episode 347

The Bay of Eze in Provence

Looking for practical information about the perched village of Èze in Provence? How about tips on how to get there? This episode is for you!

Nice France Travel Guide, Episode 345

Podcast episode about the city of Nice, walking tour and historical background

Are you dreaming about visiting the city of Nice on the French Riviera in Provence? So much to see there! This episode will help you select the best of Nice and provide an easy self-guided walking tour as well so you don't miss anything!

Avignon: Popes, a Bridge, Marvelous Gastronomy and a Festival, Episode 331

The Avignon bridge and pope's palace

Avignon: A palace, a bridge, a festival and great gastronomy. Should you put it on your list? Let's talk about it!

Renovating Houses in France, Episode 314

The city of Uzès: renovating houses in France episode

My guest Suzanne on today's episode has renovated several houses in the south east of France. She's learned a lot and shares her tips with us. In her case the renovations went smoothly. What was more difficult was making sense of the French real estate system!

Provence Cycling Tour, Episode 283

Provence cycling tour: group ready to go!

Thinking about doing a cycling tour in Provence? You must listen to this conversation with Greer Ball about all the wonderful places she discovered!

Family Vacation in Provence and the French Alps, Episode 279

Seeonie and her family in front of a lavender field: Family Vacation in Provence and the French Alps

Finally getting ready for a family vacation in Provence and the French Alps? My guest Deepa on today's episode has wonderful suggestions and tips!

Honeymoon in Provence, Episode 268

Man and woman hand-holding with the words forever written with Scrabble tiles: honeymoon in Provence episode

Planning a honeymoon in Provence? My guest today has great recommendations for accommodations, restaurants and the most romantic sites in the area.