Favorite Walking Tours in Nice, Episode 384

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In this episode of the podcast, my guest Jeanne Oliver shares her favorite walking tours in Nice. Jeanne is not from Nice originally, she's been living there for a long time, she has written a book about Nice (Nice Uncovered: Walks Through the Secret Heart of a Historic City), a VoiceMap tour (you know how I love VoiceMap tours!): The Best of Nice's Old Town. She also has a website about Nice: French Riviera Traveler. Plus, as a keen historian she puts Nice on the map for us and you'll love her restaurants recommendations! This one is a must-listen!

Favorite Walking Tours of Nice

  • Cours Saleya
  • La Colline du Chateau (Castle Hill)
  • Cimiez and the Belle Époque Palaces
  • Le Quartier des Musiciens with its Art Deco architecture
  • West Nice
  • And the world-famous Promenade des Anglais.

Restaurant Recommendations

Le Safari on Cours Saleya: good traditional Nice fare done extremely well like Bagna-Caouda (vegetables dipped in Anchovy sauce)

Acchiardo on 38 rue Droite. A family restaurant located in an old mansion. Casual, homey, friendly but also inexpensive and very good food.

Racines on 3 Rue Clément Roassal. A newer restaurant in Nice not far from the train station. The owner has a starred restaurant in La Turbie as well, and Racines is not presented as a vegetarian restaurant, but it kind of is. They serve the best vegetables.

Table of Contents for this Episode

[00:00:37] Introducing Jeanne Oliver
[00:01:29] May 1st and other travel tips after the interview
[00:02:00] Support this podcast by making purchases on Annie’s Boutique
[00:02:19] Feedback about the itinerary planning service
[00:03:57] Jeanne’s VoiceMap tour of Nice
[00:05:43] Seven walking tours in Nice
[00:07:21] Nice started attracting visitors in the late 1700s
[00:08:16] Nice offers a wonderful lifestyle
[00:09:40] Nice as a city of Art and Architecture
[00:11:06] Nice has a rocky beach and that’s good and bad
[00:11:46] A brief history of Nice
[00:12:43] Roman site at Cimiez
[00:14:30] Nice as part of the House of Savoy
[00:15:21] Nice is very close to the Italian border and a major seaport
[00:17:34] The Siege of Nice and Catherine of Ségurane
[00:19:27] Favorite churches in Nice
[00:22:29] Louis XIV tries to take Nice
[00:23:33] Nice gets attached to France in 1860
[00:26:33] Art Deco in Nice in the 20s and 30s
[00:27:48] WW2 in Nice
[00:29:36] What to do in Nice in 4 or 4 days
[00:32:35] How long do you need to spend in Nice?
[00:34:15] Notable restaurants in Nice
[00:36:35] Nice and the Meditarranean diet
[00:39:04] You don’t need a car on the Riviera or in Nice
[00:43:27] Give slow travel a chance!
[00:45:05] Thank you new Patrons!
[00:45:46] Don’t drive yourself crazy planning your trip to France
[00:49:36] There are a lot of taxis in Paris
[00:53:27] Open and closed in Paris on Sun, May 1st. 2022
[00:53:44] Demonstrations
[00:54:46] Parks will be open
[00:55:14] Major shopping centers will be closed
[00:55:25] Most museums will be closed
[00:55:42] No metro or bus on May 1st in Paris
[00:55:49] The Eiffel Tower is open on May 1st
[00:56:00] On May 1st walk to the nearest park and have a picnic
[00:56:52] What about Easter Sunday?

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Discussed in this Episode

  • Nice on the Riviera
  • Cours Saleya
  • Colline du Chateau (Castle Hill)
  • Cimiez and the Belle Époque Palaces
  • Quartier des Musiciens the Art Deco architecture
  • West Nice
  • Promenade des Anglais
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