Latin Quarter Walking Tour, Episode 7


You want to visit the Latin Quarter in Paris but you're not sure where to start?

On today's episode of the podcast, Elyse tells us all the places you should not miss in the Latin Quarter and the exact Latin Quarter Walking Tour she likes to take with her tour customers because it leads you to all the highlights.

The Latin Quarter is a busy place where you will find both French students and lots of visitors. We don't recommend it as a place of peace and quiet; but you could find Elyse's recommendations to find the calmer areas.


Homework: Before you visit the Latin Quarter, you have to watch (or rewatch) the Woody Allen Movie Midnight in Paris where Gil Pender meets a magical car that takes him on astounding adventures every night.

The magical car has never pulled up for me, it turns out it's just a movie. Never mind that, go see the steps, and go inside the Church Saint-Etienne-du-Mont, one of the prettiest churches in Paris for sure!


Quartier Latin Walking Self-Walking Tour Route

Elyse tells us about the atmosphere, the night-life, the shops and why visitors enjoy it so much.  To see the maps, click on the Show Notes and Photos button below.

Episode Highlights

  • Latin Quarter Walking Tour Map
  • Pocket Park #1 Square René Viviani
  • Step-by-Step Walking Tour
  • How to Get to the Latin Quarter



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4 Replies to “Latin Quarter Walking Tour, Episode 7”

  1. Hello et bonjour ladies! I have just discovered your podcast and listened to seven episodes in a row during my long commute. I am so enjoying listening to the show and hope you will continue to produce many more!
    I am French born but have lived most of my life in the US. My American husband and I love visiting France and are planning to move to France in a very few years to retire. Your podcast makes me wish we could retire right now! Keep up the great work.

    1. Hello Claire and welcome to Join Us in France. Thank you for the kind words, I’m delighted you found us. What part of France are you from originally?


      1. Gard (30). I was born in Nîmes to a family from the little town of Générac. My father now has a house in Aimargues that dates back to before Christopher Columbus sailed to the Americas (with a Renaissance well even). That is where we plan to retire.

        1. Beautiful area! I have family in Poulx, I always enjoy my visits to that area. I hope you’re handy because if your old family house is anything like the others I’ve seen it’ll probably needs a lot of TLC to be up to American standards of comfort. Such a move is challenging and exciting all at once!

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