Budget Family Travel in France, Episode 440

James Olson and his family: Budget Family Travel in France Episode

Budget Family Travel in France: Get insider tips for affordable vacations, including budget-friendly destinations, lodging, and activities.

Free in Paris: Uncovering Hidden Gems on a Budget, Episode 435

Bridge at Parc Monceau: free in Paris episode

Discover the magic of Paris on a budget in this episode where we discuss all the things that are free in Paris. There are so many hidden gems!

How to Enjoy France on a Student Budget, Episode 395

Josh Taylor relaxing in Carcassonne: France on a student budget episode

Josh Taylor shares his tips for enjoying France on a student budget

A Month in France on a Budget, Episode 364

Heidi and her husband at the Luxembourg Garden: a month in France on a budget

What can you do to spend a month in France and stay on a budget? Heidi explains how she and her husband Eric managed to travel all over France without breaking the bank!

Ultimate Guide to Getting Around France, Episode 254

Modern train platfornt: Getting Around France episode

In the episode of the podcast you'll learn both about budget long-haul flights to France and the all the cost-effective ways to travel within France!

Food Prices at French Grocery Stores, Episode 197

Cheese plate and wine bottle

Want to keep to your budget? Worried about the exchange rate? In this episode Annie helps you find out about the price of common French food items as requested by the Join Us in France community. I bet you'll want to take some of those food items home too!

Dicey Paris Neighborhoods, Episode 194

two police officers patroling on horseback in a Paris neighborhood

Paris is not entirely made of unicorns and rainbows! In this episode we list all the dicey Paris neighborhoods you'll want to avoid, especially as you're selecting your hotel.

Paris Metro or Paris Bus? Episode 142

bus in Paris: paris bus or paris metro? what is best? : episode

In Paris, is it better to take the Metro or the Bus? What's easiest and fastest? Learn what locals know by listening to this episode!

Paris on a Budget, Episode 141

You're happy to be going to Paris but don't want to go into debt over it? This is the episode you need to listen to!