Romantic Paris, Episode 130

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Categories: First Time in Paris, Honeymoon in France, Paris

Romantic Paris with Gary and Leslie

Paris is the city of romance, the place where budding romance blossoms, and where older couples go to renew their vows. I am not sure if this is as a result of the gorgeous architecture, the sounds of the French language, the emphasis that French culture puts on the importance of romance in one’s life, the fact is, Paris is the romance capital of the world.

On today's episode, Annie shares her tips for enjoying Romantic Paris, and Gary Turco tells us about his recent honeymoon in Paris and the things he and his wife Leslie enjoyed about their honeymoon in Paris.


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Discussed in this Episode

  • Romantic Paris
  • Honeymoon in Paris
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Recommended in this Episode

Hotels Recommended in this Episode:  InterContinental Paris Le Grand

Episode Highlights

  • Annie's Tips for Romantic Paris
    • Tell your hotel
    • Take a stroll along the Seine river
    • Go see the Eiffel Tower sparkle
    • Do a Paris by night tour
    • After dark visit to the Louvre
    • Go out to a wine bar
    • Go out to a gourmet meal
    • Enjoy the simple pleasures
    • It's OK to sit on a bench and kiss!
    • Go up to see the great views overlooking the city
    • You’re in Paris, do what YOU want!
  • Set Priorities for your Romantic Paris Vacation
  • Leslie and Gary's Choices
  • Dinner at the Jules Vernes in Paris
  • Highlights of the Louvre + Les Caves du Louvre Tour
  • See Louvre Masterpieces in a Flash!
  • Seine River Boat Ride
  • Versailles Tour
  • Montmartre Walk
  • Hiring a Photographer in Paris
  • The Bar Where the Bloody Mary Was Invented
  • Romantic Paris Cafés
Gary and Lesile

Categories: First Time in Paris, Honeymoon in France, Paris

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