How to Prepare for Your Visit to the Orsay Museum, Episode 15


On today's episode Elyse takes us to the wonderful Orsay Museum. The Orsay Museum is a favorite of visitors from North America because it's an "easy" museum to visit. Plenty there to see, but it's not near as big as the Louvre for example.

But some people just don't like museums and wonder if it's worth their time. In this episode we tell you why even people who are not big into museums should visit the Orsay.

The Biggest Collection of Impressionist Art

You can't see such a collection of Manet, Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh, and Toulouse-Lautrec anywhere in the world. You'll get to see pieces in real life that you've seen on posters your whole life. You'll see how Van Gogh used the thickness of the paint to create the impression of 3D on the flat surface of the canvas. And you can gawk at these masterpieces as long as you wish!

Orsay Museum Architecture

The building used to be a train station with a massive open space in the middle. It was an upscale train station with Art Déco inspiration and the iconic massive clocks pictured below. Just seeing the inside of the building is worth the ticket price!

The Smart Way to Visit the Orsay Museum

And, of course, on this episode, Elyse gives you hints on how to organize your visit so you get the most of it. Have you been? Did you love it? Are you still undecided? We help you think it through on this episode.

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the Orsay museum clock seen from the inside
Photo Annie Sargent
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Bobbi Bowman
Bobbi Bowman

Another great show…thanks so much. This one is especially meaningful to me as the Musee d’Orsay is my all time favorite thing to see/do in Paris. I make sure that I do at least one pilgrimage per year to Paris and that it always includes a visit to this museum. By now, I think of it as a place where some of my “friends” live and I come to visit certain ones especially. A little over the top I know but still quite true. So a couple of comments from listening to you today….I was reminded of a really great… Read more »

Chris Christensen

Great episode, I love the museum. Also love Musée de l’Orangerie. Sounds like that makes me a typical American 🙂


Happy Bastille Day for those of you who are in France now!
I was at the Orsay late June – the balcony is now open again – you can go outside, sit and take photos. The ice cream vendor wasn’t there the day I was there. You can still take photos with the roman numeral clock next to the cafe.

I was able to see the Van Gogh / Artaud exhibit with paintings from the US and Amsterdam. It closed July 6th.


I’m with Annie about photos in the Orsay. In Italy they have lifted the ban of no photos in the museums and it was fine. I think it makes for a less disruptive experience. You are not allowed to take photos in the Orangerie in the area with the Monet paintings. Well, when I was there in December people were doing it anyway because the guards in one room just did not pay attention. I get that they want you to buy their postcards and books but in this day and age when everyone has a camera it would be… Read more »