Notre Dame Architecture, Episode 5

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This episode features our frequent and very popular guest Elyse Rivin. If you enjoy her episodes, please consider supporting her on Patreon.

The people who planned Notre Dame 850+ years ago were crafting the Paris we visit today. I wonder if that thought ever entered their mind or if they went about the challenge that lay ahead with their nose to the grindstone. Probably the latter because they had a massive challenge ahead of them!

Notre Dame architecture is striking both inside and out. Maurice de Sully, who commissioned the construction of the new Cathedral, wanted it to surpass the beauty of the Temple of Salomon or the Celestial Jerusalem described in the New Testament. As a token of God’s approval on the endeavor, the Pope came to Paris lay the first stone and bless the project.

No expense was spared and the best artisans were hired for the job. What they created is one of the most celebrated icons of Paris, the place where French people have gather to celebrate and mourn for centuries. It is also one of the most visited historical monuments in all of France.

On today’s episode Elyse Rivin tell us about all the things we should pay attention to when we’re looking at Notre Dame architecture. The different gothic styles we will encounter there and what sets it apart from other Cathedrals built in the 1100s.


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Let's Review

After listening to this episode, your head should be full of thoughts of rose windows, flying buttresses and gargoyles. We also hope you have a better idea where to concentrate your attention so you can see Notre Dame architecture with your own eyes and you miss none of the gems this Cathedral has to offer.

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Categories: Arts & Architecture, Paris

4 Replies to “Notre Dame Architecture, Episode 5”

  1. I couldn’t recommend the personal tours or the podcasts more highly. I had the pleasure of spending an entire day on a walking tour of Toulouse with Elyse Rivin in 2012 – she is a marvel.

    Elyse treats you as her very own out-of-town guests: we strolled down the streets and paused for stories on most every corner- to point out the genesis of an architectural detail, say, or visit a favorite patisserie; we went to lunch together and discussed local cuisine, recipes, and Toulouse’s culinary history as we ordered; we visited Toulouse’s ‘sites’ perhaps without realizing that we had done so. Our experience was not one of a pre-determined scripted tour, but rather as friends spending the day in one of the most fascinating cities in France. You come away not only with facts and anecdotes- Elyse has a remarkable memory and is an impassioned storyteller- but with an understanding of the city, both past and present, and a desire to do it all again tomorrow. Now, we are fortunate to have the podcasts to reignite our wonderful visit!

    1. Hello Geneva
      Thank you for the nice comment! i Have wonderful memories of that day. I hope you’ll both come back even to Paris, would love to give you a neighborhood tour one of these days
      Love, Elyse

  2. Love this series. Elyse, we are going to France again dec 16-jan 6th. When are your tours? Do you have a website?