Notre Dame Cathedral Self Guided Tour, Episode 6

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This episode features our frequent and very popular guest Elyse Rivin. If you enjoy her episodes, please consider supporting her on Patreon.


Welcome to Elyse's Notre Dame self guided tour! If you can't tour with Elyse and Annie, at least you can follow in our footsteps and discover parts of Notre Dame that most tourists never hear about.

On the Notre Dame Cathedral Self Guided Tour

Elyse will recommend that you enjoy the exterior of Notre Dame to the fullest before heading to see the inside and getting some lunch. Great plan, let's do it!

Notre Dame was one of the earliest Gothic Cathedrals built in France. Only two came before:  Saint-Etienne Cathedral in the city of Sens near Paris, and  Saint-Denis, now within the walls of Paris. With construction starting in 1163, Notre Dame was a pioneer that 100% hit it out of the park!


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Elyse guiding inside of Notre Dame; Notre Dame Cathedral Self Guided Tour
Elyse (wearing the beige jacket) guiding inside of Notre Dame.

Let's Review

On your Notre Dame Cathedral self guided tour, take the time to walk all the way around Notre Dame, observe the amazing sculpted stone, the flying buttresses, the gargoyles and the chimera.

Then go inside, check out the rose windows, the treasure, soak in the ambiance. And when it’s all done, sit to enjoy your lunch in view of the Cathedral so you can keep gawking at the entrance to paradise!

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Categories: First Time in Paris, Paris

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