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On this page you will find a collection of French recipes we love that we’ve mentioned on the show over time. Happy cooking!


Pear Tart

From Tiffany, a listener, who got it from an aunt and uncle who lived in France for many years. She says “The recipe doesn’t have exact measurements, I think that’s why it’s fun to make. So when you read big spoon…it’s not a tea spoon or soup spoon but, you know, a big spoon.  So here you go!   Enjoy!”

Ingredients needed:
1 prepared puff pastry/sugar pastry
2 eggs
white sugar
powdered sugar
creme fraiche
100g ground almonds
Almond extract
1 bar semi sweet chocolate (or dark chocolate)
1 can halved pears (liquid drained)
In a bowl mix:
2 eggs
2 big spoons sugar
2 big spoons creme fraiche
100g ground almonds
Almond extract — a couple of drops or more to taste
In another bowl:
Melt 1/2 bar of chocolate in the microwave
To chocolate, mix in:
1 big spoon creme fraiche
1 big spoon powdered sugar
To assemble:
Place 1 puff pastry or sugar pastry in a tart pan (I lined the tart pan with parchment paper first).
Spread chocolate mixture on bottom of pastry.  Place pears decoratively on top of chocolate (you might not use all of the pears).  Pour the creme fraiche mixture over the pears.
Bake for 30-35 minutes in 375 degree/190/Mark 5 Oven.  Check temperature to make sure it is not burning or cooking too fast.

Vegan French Pear Tart by Tiffany

I asked listener Tiffany for a picture of her Pear Tart and she told me she eats vegan these days so she doesn’t make that tart any more. But she said she’d try to adapt the recipe to make it vegan and she did! I must say it looks glorious! Congrats Tiffany, you are a great baker! Instructions below the photo.

Vegan French Pear Tart by Tiffany
Vegan French Pear Tart by Tiffany

How she made it vegan:
1) Used vegan puff pastry (might be hard to find – The Aussie Pastry box did not say it was vegan, but I checked the ingredients and it did not contain eggs, milk, cream or butter).
2) Used vegan crème fraiche (1 c vegan cream cheese, 2 1/2 T coconut milk creamer (or almond milk), 1 t lemon juice – blend in food processor). If one can’t find vegan cream cheese, then it can be made, and there are recipes on how to do so online.
3) For eggs, I use powdered egg replacer – per directions. This egg replacer is one that does not have powdered egg in it, you need to check.
4) Added water to thin the mixture a little (it was too thick), approx. 1/4-1/2 c water.

Vegan Pear Tart by Tiffany

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