Classic French Soups, Episode 410

Soupe au pistou: classic French soups episodeDo you have a favorite classic French soup? Annie and Elyse talk about their favorites and talk about how soup was a major staple in France.

Classic French Recipes with a Vegan Twist, Episode 389

Sarala Terpstra shopping in France: Classic French Recipes with a Vegan Twist EpisodeAnnie Sargent and Sarala Terpstra geek out about French food and how to make it vegan. Tips for home cooks and vegan visitors who love trench food. #joinusinfrance

Not to Miss in Bergerac and Monbazillac, Episode 355

The statue of Cyrano de Bergerac in BergeracDo you love medieval streets, beautiful literature and sweet wine? Then it's possible you're destined to visit Bergerac and Monbazillac! This episode of the podcast is full of our recommendations for a fun week-end in French wine country.

Burgundy Wine and Cooking Tours, Episode 337

White cows in a bucolic field: Burgundy Wine and Gastronomy episodeOn this episode of the podcast Annie and Ellen chat about a trip to Burgundy to explore local wine and gastronomy. How about a cheese class also? This is one of the best vacation spots in the world!

Are You a Proper Francophile? Episode 334

Bag with French writing on it, a baguette and a bottle of wine. Are you a proper Francophile episode.What makes a proper Francophile? On this episode of the podcast, Annie and Elyse have a little fun with this question and quiz you too!

A Conversation About Bread in France, Episode 324

Baguettes on a table: Bread in France episodeWhere does the obsession of French people with bread come from? How do you pick great bread when visiting France? Let's talk about it!

Easy French Recipes You Can Make at Home, Episode 311

Moules Marinières: Easy French Recipes You Can Make at Home EpisodeLove France and sorry you can't travel right now? How about bringing France to your table with easy French recipes you can make at home?

The Auvergne Cheese Route, Episode 303

Salers cow resting in a beautiful landscape: Auvergne Cheese Route episodeIf you love France and you love cheese, you must make plans to drive the Auvergne Cheese route soon!

Castelnaudary, Cassoulet and Canal du Midi, Episode 300

Castelnaudary Basin on the Canal du MidiLooking for places you can visit as a day-trip from Toulouse? We loved our visit to Castelnaudary. It is the world capital of Cassoulet, but it's also so charming! It is also a great place to start looking at Cathar chateaux.

Summer Lunches in France, Episode 295

Salad with chèvre toast: Summer Lunches in France episodeWhat are your favorite summer lunches in France? Maybe a salade niçoise with an ice-cold glass of rosé? Or maybe grilled sardines on the grill? Let's talk!