A Primer on French Cheese, Episode 19

Cheese display at a cheese specialty store in FranceOn today's show we explore the history and culture of cheese in France. We discuss types of cheese and how they're distributed by region. French people are crazy about cheese and Anglos are often overly cautious about cheese. We're here to tell you to live a little! Try some scary cheese next time you're in France, after all, it doesn't even seem to make them fat!

French Food, Episode 17

Le Comptoire de Matilde store: french foodWhy are French people skinny? We wonder if it's because of their food culture and habits at home. In episode 17 of Join Us in France we discuss French food culture, what French people eat at home, French meal times, and the difficulties vegetarians and vegans may experience in France. Is it OK to be a little narrow-minded about food? Go to joinusinfrance.com/17 to find out, you will also find photos and a full transcript there.