French Food, Episode 17

Category: French Food & Wine

This episode features our frequent and very popular guest Elyse Rivin. If you enjoy her episodes, please consider supporting her on Patreon.

On today's episode Annie and Elyse have a good time talking about French food, food culture in France, and the way French people eat at home.

We also talk frankly about difficulties that people with special diets may encounter in France, particularly those who are vegetarian/vegan or have food allergies.

French people are quite set in their ways when it comes to food. What does that mean for visitors?

Can you listen to the whole thing without wishing for a lovely French meal? If you can, we didn't do this right!

Discussed in this Episode

    • Ready to go to France? Ready-to-eat French Food?
    • If I Say Let's Have French Food, What Do You Think About?
      • What Percentage of the Monthly Budget Do French People Spend on Food?
      • Food is NOT cheap in France
    • What Do French People Have for Breakfast?
      • Breakfast at a French Hotel
      • Breakfast on Sunday in France
      • Biscottes, It's a French Thing
      • French Adults Often Have a Tiny Breakfast
    • Why Are French People Skinny?
    • Meals Are Served at Set Times in France
    • Lunch in France
      • When It's Meal Time French People Eat a LOT!
    • French People Are Choosy About What They Eat
    • Where Do French People Buy Their Food?
    • French People LOVE Yogurt and Cheese
    • Bread in France
    • French People Want to Know Where Their Food Comes From
    • Wine Drinking in France
    • Vegetarians in France
    • Older French People Don't Think of Wine as Alcohol
    • French People Are Not Adventurous When It Comes to Food
      • The Only "Ethnic" Food You Will Find Everywhere in France is North African
      • French People Will Tell You What You Should and Shouldn't Eat
      • France Is Tough for Vegans and People Who Suffer from Food Allergies
    • Smoking in Restaurants in France
    • Halal and Kosher Food in France
    • French Regional Food
    • Do French People Really Eat Frog's Legs and Escargots?
    • Foie Gras Is Not Controversial in France
    • French People Eat a Lot of Oysters on the Half-Shell
    • "Lait Cru" Cheeses (Made with Unpasturized Milk) Are Common in France
    • For more on French food, listen to our other episodes on Cheese, Pastries of Southern France and Pastries of Northern France, Chocolate and Macarons, and all the episodes in the Food and Wine category on this website.
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Category: French Food & Wine

4 Replies to “French Food, Episode 17”

  1. Very much enjoying this podcast! Food is always something I remember from each vacation. Can still remember the taste of breakfast croissants, dinner crepes and Croque Monsier and that was 15 years ago! Thanks for making me even more eager to head to France soon!! (and thanks for the shout out for my review on iTunes and for figuring out pbnj=peanut butter! How appropriate for the “food” podcast! But wait! No peanut butter in France????) pat/pbnj

  2. Hello Pat and welcome to Join Us in France! You’ll be glad to hear that there IS peanut butter in France, especially in bigger cities. It’s always in the “international” aisle of the supermarket as far as I’ve seen, sometimes it’s even Skippy! The French word for it is “pâte d’arachides”, so maybe your nickname should be PDA? 😉

    French people don’t agree with the whole peanut butter on bread thing, most of us go for Nutella on baguette. But I’ve never met a French person who didn’t love Peanut Butter Cups, so we are not complete fools!

    Bonne continuation !

    PS: what did I tell you about the Nutella?!

  3. Hello, I am really enjoying your podcasts! Although I started off being most interested in the food discussions, I find myself looking forward to each new episode, no matter the topic as both of you are so engaging! I would love to hear more about French food, though, as I am inspired by the French example in eating habits. For example, I would love to have a sample weekly dinner menu that a typical French family makes during the week. Like the French, we eat together at the table for dinner every night and we are eating much more in the French manner with courses (including cheese!), fresh and not processed seasonal ingredients, etc., but I would love some inspiration about what typical families eat at night, particularly during the busy weekdays. Thanks so much for doing these podcasts!

  4. Hello, I’m going to Paris in April. It will be my first time, and I’m staying in the Marais district. 🙂 I’m loving your podcasts!

    Can you explain the various salads in France? For example, an entree salad vs. a side salad? And what to expect on the menu or la carte?

    Thank you so much!