An Exploration of French Wines, Episode 158

An Exploration of French Wines, rosé on a roof terace: French Wines episodeIn today's episode we go after a little bit of demystification. What is a "terroir"? Why don't French people talk about Merlot and Cabernet and Pinot Noir? Why do they keep bringing up wine regions? We share things you need to know so that it all begins to make sense!

Wine Touring in Beaune, Burgundy, Episode 128

Colorful roof on the Hospice de Beaune which is typical of the areaHeading to Burgundy and plan on visiting wineries? In this episode we chat about the best of Burgundy (or Bourgogne as we say in French) has to offer and the places you should not miss!

Wine Museum in Paris, Episode 124

a view of the inside the wine museum in parisLove wine? Want to learn more about it? Listen to this episode to see if the wine museum in Paris is for you!

Food Markets in Paris, Episode 108

Emily Dilling at the food market in Paris

Table Manners in France, Episode 93

table setting for a formal occasion in France: table manners in France episodeTable manners in France are different from what you're used to in North America or Australia. In this episode of the podcast we discuss the things that surprise visitors and all the things they can do to fit right in!

Tipping and 10 Things You Didn't Know About France, Episode 91

Restaurant in ParisTipping in France. Even if you've visited France before, I bet you don't know half of the things discussed in this episode!

Saint-Émilion, Episode 40

Saint-Émilion village seen from a rooftopThere is more to Saint_Émilion than wonderful wine. This charming village near Bordeaux is amazingly scenic, a UNESCO World Heritage site, has a mostly underground church, and the wine is indeed lovely!

Chocolate and Macarons, Episode 36

beautiful blue and pink macarons: Chocolate and Macarons episodeChocolates and Macaroons are some of what make France a wonderful place. We give you tips on where to find the best, historical background, and we make your mouth water just a little bit!

Pastries of Northern France, Episode 35

pastries of northern france: raspberry pieOn today's show we go back to the pâtisserie and we’re having seconds as we talk about French pastries of the north of France wich include Tarte Tatin, the Brioche Vendéenne, the Eclairs, the Napoleons, the Madeleines, the Pain d'épices, just to name a few.

French Pastries of Southern France, Episode 34

french pastries at a pastry shop