Dealing with food allergies in France, Episode 170

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People who live with food allergies are often more stressed than others whenever they travel away from home. When if France, you will be surrounded by  foods you don't recognize at the grocery store, restaurants will be a challenge.

The question is should that stop you from coming on a vacation to France? Our answer on today's show is a definite not at all! You do need to get informed so you can make the right choices for you, but once you understand a few things, that will become easy.

The purpose of this episode is to help you get informed about the food scene in France and how you can deal with food allergies in your life.

Having a Food Allergy Shouldn't Keep You From Traveling!

Many of us come to France for the food because it's amazing. But it is also "different", and you would be right to ask yourself if those differences are compatible with how you need to eat. That's one of the reasons why you need to listen to this episode. Erin did the due diligence and shares what she found out with you.

Keep in mind that staying home is not a guarantee that you won't run into problems with your allergies. There are no guarantees anywhere. If anything, being hyper aware of the problem while in France may save you from running into trouble!

French Food Vocabulary and Food Labeling in France

Erin Zebelman comes on the show today to share with us what she did to prepare for her family's trip to France, and what she did to deal with her son's nut allergies while in France. She found it easier than she thought it would be once she understood a few rules of how food is prepared in France.

We also discuss food labeling in France and all the French food allergy vocabulary you will need to understand to make your trip stress-free. The take-home message is live to the fullest, food allergies or no food allergies!


If you love to cook at home (a very French thing to do!) you should really check out this App for meal planning and shopping. I've been using it for a year and I don't know how I managed without it before!

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