Visiting Kitchen Supply Stores in Paris, Episode 243

E. Dehillerin one of the best kitchen stores in ParisAre you an aspiring chef? Maybe you should look at some of the best kitchen supply stores in Paris! Listen to this episode to find out where they are.

Wine Touring and Cooking Classes in Provence, Episode 240

small stores in Maison-la-Romaine: Wine Touring and Cooking Classes in Provence episodeThinking about doing some wine touring or cooking classes in Provence? My guests on today's episode found some gems to share with you!

A Guide for Vegans Visiting France, Episode 226

Great tips for vegans visiting France! Not just Paris, but the rest of the country as well.

Do's and Don'ts at Restaurants in France, Episode 209

Blackboard menu and restaurant terrasse in the backgroundWhat does it take to get great restaurant service in France? It's pretty simple: some cultural awareness goes a long way and it's all in today's episode!

Food Prices at French Grocery Stores, Episode 197

Cheese plate and wine bottleWant to keep to your budget? Worried about the exchange rate? In this episode Annie helps you find out about the price of common French food items as requested by the Join Us in France community. I bet you'll want to take some of those food items home too!

A Cornucopia of Bizarre French Foods, Episode 193

a plate of pâté de tête over a bed of lettuceFrench regional food delicacies: wonderful or horrifying? Listen to this episode and decide for yourself!

Traditional French Recipes for Thanksgiving, Episode 172

foie gras platter with red berries, mint and a sweet garnishReady for put a little bit of France traditional recipes into your Thanksgiving? Listen to this episode!

Dealing with food allergies in France, Episode 170

chocolate and hazlenuts on a beautiful table: food allergies episodePractical advice for travelers dealing with food allergies who come visit France: what you can do before your trip and how to enjoy your visit to the fullest.

French Wine Q&A for Beginners, Episode 162

person holding a glass of red wine to smell it during a wine tastingWine is even better when you understand it, and French Wine Scholar Dave Walsh comes on the show today to answer wine questions from the Join Us in France Closed Group on Facebook. He makes it fun and simple!

50 Must-Know French Phrases for Hungry Visitors, Episode 161

wine glass with red wine and cheese platter: 50 must-know french phrases for hungry visitorsNeed some help with French restaurant lingo? Want help saying all these phrases from a native French speaker? Listen and repeat, it's all right here!