Paris Packing List, Episode 137

vintage suitcase with blue scarf and old camera on top

Are you wondering about fashion faux-pas in Paris? This episode is exactly what you need! This is also where you will find Annie's terrific packing list.

Seeing Doctors in France, Episode 133

SAMU Helicopter; Doctors in France episode

What happens if you need to see a doctor in France? How does it work? It is all explained here!

Visiting Paris Using a Wheelchair, Episode 109

The inside of Notre Dame Cathedral with a wheelchair user in the center isle

You might think that life is so complicated for wheelchair users that that they would rather stay home and not look for complications in France. But it is not so! Wheelchair travel is getting more and more common, even in France.

Will my Credit Card Work in France? Episode 99

mans' hand holding a credit card: will my credit card work in france episode

Things you need to do before you take off for France to make sure your credit cards will work as expected.

Bus Transportation in France, Episode 75

freeway entrance for the toll road that leads to Lyon

Thinking about taking regional buses in France? Here's what you need to know!

When Is the Best Time to Visit France? Episode 74

People sitting on the grass enjoying the day with carroussel in the background: When is the best time to visit France episodeWhen is the best time to visit France

Friends often ask when is the best time to visit France. Many answers are possible, but we vote for June and we tell you why in this episode.

Visiting France with a Guide Dog for the Blind, Episode 55

A womand and her guide dog walking through the streets of La Turbie in Provence

Today on Join Us in France we take a side trip into the wonderful world of guide dogs for the blind with Richard Wadwell, an Englishman and guide dog owner and who comes to France many times each year with his guide dog Ralph. Richard talks about what it's like having a guide dog and shares wonderful tips on visiting France with or without a guide dog, in particular the Limoges area and Aix-en-Provence. And if you're like me and you have great admiration for guide dogs and the work they do, this conversation will give you a glimpse into this amazing world.

Store Hours and Credit Cards in France, Episode 10

store with a Open Visa sign hanging on the door

The things you need to know about credit cards and store hours in France. In episode 10 of the Join Us in France Travel Podcast we discuss store hours and credit cards in France: work hours, lunch-time, closing time, etc. Also, we talk about what you will and will not find at a pharmacy in France. And what about credit cards? Which ones work in France? How do you buy gas in France without a chip credit card? This is the episode you need to listen to so you can prepare for a hassle-free trip to France. For photos and show notes go to