Moving to France on a Long Stay Visitor Visa, Episode 208

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On today’s episode, an interview with Tom and Susan, fellow Toulouse residents  about their move to France on a long stay visitor visa. As we always do in these episodes, we get into the details of paperwork, the  move, and what it’s like living in France.

Tom and Susan have a personal blog where they give lots of details about their life in France.

Resources you'll Need if Buying Property in France

Moving to France on a Long Stay Visitor Visa: Tactical Considerations

What about things that you shouldn't put on your container to France? What about driving in France? Will you need a French driver's license? What if you want to buy property in France? And renovating property in France, what are some tips on doing that?

How Long Does Moving to France on a Long Stay Visitor Visa Take?

The process took about 6 months but they had done a lot of preparation before that. They had read different forums and blogs. They listened to the Join Us in France Travel Podcast and recognized me by my voice when we first met in person.

But, as we explain in the episode, the most important resource you can read is the website of the Consulate of France in the US. That's because rules change all the time. So get yourself prepared by listening to Susan and Tom, and also  do all due diligence with the paperwork. That is the way to success in moving to France!

Read more details of our conversation by clicking on Show Notes below.

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Discussed in this Episode

  • Steps to prepare for a move to France
  • When is it too soon to apply for a long stay visitor visa?
  • You can DIY this process
  • Requirements necessary to move to France on a long stay visitor visa
  • Accommocations in France that need the requirement
  • Getting health insurance to meet the requirement
  • Showing that you will not work in France
  • Meeting the requirement that you can support yourself for one year
  • Standard of living in France
  • Downsize before the move
  • Things you should not move to France on your container
  • Have all your paperwork organized
  • The importance of the OFII
  • Geting a driver's license in France
  • Getting documents translated
  • Horror stories happen to folks who are punctilious about following the rules
  • Learn the language or you'll be cut off from real French life
  • How to find help filing taxes in both the US and France
  • Buying property in France
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