A Day-Trip to the Gers from Toulouse, Episode 235

rolling coutryside with large wheat field: day-trip to the Gers from Toulouse episode

Ready for a trip to the "France profonde"? The Gers is one of the most "real" places you'll ever see in France. Listen to this episode and find out where exactly!

Exploring the City of Nancy, Episode 225

place stanislas in the city of nancy at night

Want to learn about the city of Nancy, France? It's a great center of Art Nouveau in France, great gastronomy and you can visit it as a day-trip from Paris!

Picardie Trip Report, Episode 215

Chateau of Chantilly surrounded by water with a dramatic blue sky and white clouds

A few of the best attractions you can visit in Picardie in the Hauts-de-France region just north of Paris.

Tour du Mont Blanc, Episode 206

alpine chalet along the tour du mont blanc

Thinking about doing the Tour du Mont Blanc? Lachlan Cooke has a lot of wonderful tips for you in this episode!

A Great Visit to the Chateau of Pau, Episode 191

Visiting the southwest? You should consider a visit to the Chateau of Pau because it's a great furnished castle and full of wonderful stories.

Saint Bertrand de Comminges, a Day Trip from Toulouse, Episode 177

the Cathedral at Saint Bertrand de Comminges lit up at night

If you are spending a few days in the Toulouse area, Saint Bertrand de Comminges is an interesting and off the beaten track place to visit.

Best Things to See in Narbonne, France, Episode 163

canal de la robine, unesco world heritage site that crosses the city of Narbonne

Narbonne? Never heard of it? Well, you need to know about it because it's great! Elyse tells you why and gives you plans out your visit.

Sorèze and Revel, Great Day Trips from Toulouse, Episode 156

Great day trips from Toulouse, wheat fileld

What's fun and interesting to do around Toulouse? The areas of Sorèze, Revel and Saint-Ferréol are a lot of fun!

The Millau Viaduct and Nearby Attractions, Episode 146

Millau and Surrounding Attractions, Millau Bridge

A French destination for folks who love to learn about engineering feats and see a gorgeous part of France with great gastronomy and fantastic family activities. It's all explained in this episode!

Hiking Around Bordeaux, Episode 144

Who hasn't daydreamed about hiking through the French countryside? 4 girlfriends made it come true and flew to France to hike around Bordeaux for a week. They tell us all about it on today's episode so you can better prepare your own hiking trip to France!